Oct. 25, 2021

146. A Frugal Athlete Podcast | Hosted by Amobi Okugo

146. A Frugal Athlete Podcast | Hosted by Amobi Okugo

In this episode, we interview Taj Dashaun. Taj Dashaun is a former Division-1 college football player for Stony Brook University. When his football career ended, Taj struggled heavily with depression. Because he was so focused on the game, he never fully developed a clear vision for his life. After several years of stumbling around in the emotional darkness of uncertainty, Taj began to take his eyes off of himself and focus on serving others. He now runs an intensive program for retired athletes who, like he once was, are struggling to adapt to life after sports. Not only does Taj help former players land jobs and start businesses, he helps them find fulfillment in every area of their lives. It's become his personal mission and passion to reach out and help others overcome the fear, frustration and uncertainty associated with life post-athletics. Taj is also the host of the Thrive After Sports podcast.

Taj shares his transition secrets, what he's up to now  and insights on how the best thrive after sports whether as an athlete entrepreneur or in the corporate space. We also talk about why every athlete should consider writing a book and what that means from a business and legacy perspective.

To connect with Taj:

Website: www.tajdashaun.com

Instagram: @tajdashaun

LinkedIn: Taj Dashaun

Podcast: Thrive After Sports (on all platforms)

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