July 26, 2021

132. Mental Fitness MASTERMIND | Athlete Mental Health Podcast Hosted by Danny White

132. Mental Fitness MASTERMIND | Athlete Mental Health Podcast Hosted by Danny White

Danny White from www.MentalFitness.CARE sits down with Taj Dashaun, Athlete Transition Specialist and Business Coach to discuss Athlete Mental Health.

Taj's Story: 

When I first stepped away from the game I love, I struggled heavily with depression. I had never fully developed a clear vision for my life after football. I knew I wanted to get a “good job,” make “a ton of money” and be “successful,” but I felt lost and overwhelmed having no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

There was constant chatter in my head:

"What's the best career path for me? Why am I not hearing back from any of these jobs I'm applying for? Should I go back to school for an MBA? Should I start my own business? How do I even start a business?"

After several years of stumbling around in the emotional darkness of uncertainty, I began to take my eyes off of myself and focus on serving others. I now run an intensive program for retired athletes who are struggling to adapt to life after sports.

It’s become my personal mission and passion to reach out and help others overcome the fear, frustration, and uncertainty associated with life post-athletics. I am also the host of the Thrive After Sports podcast, which is available on all platforms.

About www.MentalFitness.CARE

We are the unifying platform for Athlete Mental Health. Teaming up with Athletes and Mental Fitness professionals to create authentic connections between Providers and Patients. Leveraging real-world stories to DEFEAT STIGMA | (Athlete Mental Health Content Hub - FALL 2021) | Athlete Mental Health Certification (AMHC)

About The Athlete Mental Health Certification (AMHC) www.amhc.fit

"The goal of the Athlete Mental Health Certification (AMHC) is to equip and prepare AMH - Certified Technicians with the tools and education to RECOGNIZE, ACKNOWLEDGE, CONNECT and EMPATHIZE (R.A.C.E.) with Athletes who are battling Mental Health and Substance-Use challenges. Further, make informed referrals to Accredited professionals and resources, while building a like-minded community that comes together and inspires, motivates, and holds each other accountable."

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