May 6, 2021

113. "Tackle What's Next" w/ Danielle Berman!


Danielle has dedicated her career to helping athletes understand their potential. Her focus on the athlete as an individual rather than a cog in the sports industry machine has created unique opportunities and impact in the sports space.

She has worked primarily with athletes, both current and retired, for nearly a decade and is passionate about helping them achieve their goals outside of sport.

That's why she founded Tackle What’s Next, to provide athletes the opportunity to focus on creating impact and finding purpose in life after sports. 

Her team aims to provide athletes with a safe space to discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with transitioning out of sport, plus share important resources that can help.

Current TWN programs include:

➡️ Tackle What Matters - Impact incubator program for athletes looking to build impact in their next chapter, guiding them to create an impact game plan and connecting them to resources and organizations that can help.

➡️ Champion Membership - Accountability membership to support athletes working on their next chapter. Weekly meetings, monthly check ins and regular accountability to support your goals.

➡️ TWN Academy Events & Workshops - Connect, network and learn from fellow athletes who have been where you are. Find out how to navigate and plan for what's next, and how you can create a next chapter now.

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