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June 15, 2020

Episode 70 - Dave made a lot out of 8:46

Episode 70 - Dave made a lot out of 8:46


That time is now iconic.

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8:46. That time is now iconic. And thanks to Dave Chappelle the legacy grows. This week we discuss Dave's new stand-up special and what it meant to us and what we can take from it moving forward. In particular, we discuss aspects of the show such as: - The Responsibility of Celebrity - Candace Owens - Vigilantism - Historical Monuments But it wouldn't be a TGOT show without some laughs, so we start the show with some discussion over wants to last 8:46 with Betty White. We are proud to offer all of our listeners 20% off everything at www.manscaped.com if you use promo code 'TGOT' at checkout. Topic Timestamps: 1:45 - Our Social Media Presence 7:05 - Love in the Old Folks home 16:45 - Dave Chappelle's 8:46 special Use our comment section @ https://tgot.webflow.io and connect with us on: Twitter - www.twitter.com/TGOTpodcast Facebook - www.facebook.com/TGOTpodcast Instagram - www.instagram.com/TGOTpodcast Discord - www.discord.gg/5PN3kNz