Those Guys Over There

We're a group of 5 men in our early 30’s sharing our opinions with anyone willing to listen. Our episodes feature discussions on societal and cultural issues from a comedic, happy hour perspective with our friendship and relationships at the core.

Those Guys Over There

Recent Episodes

TGOT Shorts - New Dad Talk

Sept. 26, 2022

This episode Tim and Jeff, the two expecting dads, just chop it up and discuss the future of parenting and some of the wild things going on in the world. Twitter - Facebook -…

Episode 161 - Mutants, Aliens, And Drunk Theory

Sept. 19, 2022

After watching some X-Men content, Tom asked a question: Do we think mutants exist? A simple yes or no question turned into conversations about autism, the earth being ghetto, universal truths, and what lies at the bottom of…

Episode 160 - Queen's Dead and King's Landing

Sept. 12, 2022

God saved the Queen for as long as he could, but she's now gone. So to be culurally relevant we spend some time talking about the death of Queen Elizabeth and why it doesn't seem like she'll be remembered fondly, at least if…

Episode 159: Part 2 - Things Just Got Weird (ft. We're The Weird Ones Podcast)

Sept. 8, 2022

We're back with part 2. Find out who makes the Mt. Rushmore 5. And then we go down random rabbit holes. From Hot Dog Straws, to Aries Spears, to other hot sports takes. Find We're The Weird Ones: YouTube -...

Episode 159: Part 1 - Things Just Got Weird (ft. We're The Weird Ones Podcast)

Sept. 5, 2022

We're kicking #InternationalPodcastMonth off with by collabing with the guys of We're The Weird Ones Podcast! These guys from Kansas City, Missouri bring their midwest sensibilities to our wild show. In this first part of th…

Episode 158 - Ballin Without A Budget

Aug. 29, 2022

This episode starts with us reminiscing about our days on the basketball courts and the disrespect that was given out to us. Can't just let the game do the talking, gotta back it up with words. Then Phil asks tries to figure…

About the Hosts

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The self-proclaimed brains of the operation.
Husband, father of 2, and lover of Marvel and French Fries

Check out other shows I've been on at the link below

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Mr. "AKA"
CEO of Petty
My goal is to make you laugh and piss you off within the same episode.
Quick to ponder "is it kind of fucked up..."
Underboob, Drum Wings, and Whiskey. My Deathly Hallows

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Real Recognize Real... I’m just a cool guy trying to be cool! Father of 2 #GirlDad! Uncle 2 More... Trying to be the best version of me everyday!!

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Food, money, and logic. I’m chill. Sometimes annoyed by the little things. Taking offers for a better intro.