Dec. 2, 2020

[INTRO] The Imp💥ct Billionaires | What is it? Who's it for?

[INTRO] The Imp💥ct Billionaires | What is it? Who's it for?

Our purpose with this podcast is twofold. 

First, we want to explore visions of a better future that fit the criteria of impacting a billion+ people positively in order to expand our way of thinking about current challenges & the world at the scale of impact billionaires. 

Second, we want to inspire leaders to lead and fight for those visions and provide those willing to lead with all the tools & resources necessary to achieve significant steps towards enabling those visions. 

In that attempt we will bring on guests who have proven to have the mindset & capabilities to become or already are Impact Billionaires. Together with them we'll explore in depth what it would take to impact a billion lives positively. We'll dive in to what today's biggest challenges are and how one could go about solving those, what tools & resources we have available today that can help with that and why people, just like us, might want to make becoming impact billionaire their goal in life instead of the outdated version a billionaire...