Helping wildly ambitious impact entrepreneurs scale their impact & income so we can upgrade society together


What grew out of this personal question of why we don’t seem to be able to solve our biggest problems, led to an idea. What if we tried to make it easy and desirable for everyone to have & aspire to have massive impact? What if instead of chasing money or fame, we chased impacting each others lives for the better. Would we still have Hunger? War? Climate Disasters? To me, it seemed at least worth investigating if & how we could achieve an economy in which all of us aspired to become impact billionaires. A system that is not just based on fluffy aspirations & moral high ground talk, but an actual upgrade of our socio-economic system to align incentives with impact for good. In other words, what if all of us had incentive to really start asking the question: “with my interests & talents, what would it take to impact a billion people’s lives positively?” That to me, is the dream. That’s what I call a purpose economy and that is what The Impact Billionaires aims to enable, globally.