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Shark Effect
What an inspiring perspective! Looking forward to the next episode.

No better time than now to start this, thank you!!!
This is awesome especially now because a lot of people are dealing with isolation syndrome; your delivery makes me feel like you’re right here in my home talking to me directly, giving me the real deal. Love the breakdown of the 3 A’s!!! Microsoft leverages similar pillars. Can’t wait until the next episode!

Great message Alex
My wife and son and I listened. Assignment alignment and adjustment. And be the shark to help others and add a shark to make myself better. Great job.

Wisdom and Leadership
So excited for everything there is so learn. Alex has an exceptional approach to his leadership strategies. One episode in and the takeaways are already game changing. 👍

Shark effect
Loved it! Looking forward to next one...❤️

Be a shark!
Can’t wait for the world to experience this extraordinary talent and exceptional human! A great storyteller with valuable perspective for athletes and everyone!

Choo Choo :)
Inspiring and already looking forward to the next one!

Perfect Episode 1
Keep your opponents on the bench!