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A great listen
This podcast dives deep into life's challenges, offering genuine insights that resonate with real experiences. It's a refreshing audio journey that leaves you with something to ponder after each episode. Deirdre

Amazing show! 🔥
This show is incredible. A friend introduced me to Alex a couple years back and I’ve been binge listening ever since. You’re the man Alex!! -Taj Dashaun

Fabulous Podcast! Great guests, content, gems galore!
Came across The Shark Effect podcast and am loving it! Especially the episode with Marquez Ogden. This conversation was just so amazing! His candid discussion about his journey from riches to making $8/hr and eventually turning his life around had so many great takeaways! Can’t wait to listen to more episodes! Thank you!

For everyone
Alex brings in positive role models who can influence all levels, all ages.

Brian Grant episode
Thoroughly enjoy the variety of the guests you have had on over the past year! Have to say the interview of Brian Grant was particularly interesting. He lives in our community, but I didn’t know his story & how his hoops career evolved from high school to college to the NBA. I admire his outlook on life, how he handles adversity, building his Foundation and finding a cure for Parkinson’s. A real inspiration!

Great show and host!
Love the variety of guests and the humor 😀. Keep them coming!

We are alike
I love how this shows that we are all alike. These are people at the top of their fields but they are just like the rest of us. They just never gave up. Learn so much from this can’t wait for more.

Unshakable Confidence
Unshakable Confidence episode. I loved your 4 steps to creating unshakable confidence. A great list of questions to ask yourself to help build more confidence. My favorite tip was finding the one thing to focus on at a time.

Great podcast
Great podcast! Awesome content!! Keep up the good work I will be binging!

Alex Is The Man!
Alex brings a unique perspective and there is always a fantastic conversation with each guest that is on the show. Can’t recommend this podcast enough!

Applied Knowledge From The Man
Always appreciate the carefully considered insight Alex shares and the guest conversations he has! Keep doing your thing Paisan! You are an inspiration to me!

Bill B
Alex is authentic & vulnerable. Great content and common sense wisdom.

Podcast with Keith Mitchell
Just when I thought I had a favorite podcast of yours, Mr. Mitchell tops it for me today! Tomorrow or next week will be different. Keep doing what you’re doing! 💯🦈 👏🏼

Molden Motivates
Pleased to discover this podcast. You can hear how Coach Molden teaches and motivates his listeners and athletes. Despite the impressive NFL resume, Molden comes across very real and humble. He personifies what he’s preaching—assignment, alignment, adjustment—this makes him more credible still. I’ll be looking forward to future episodes!

Interesting interviews and insights
This is a great podcast and one I look forward to listening to every week! Love the pearls and insights he and his guests share on everything from leadership to life decisions to preparing oneself for life’s challenges. Alex comes across as a real guy who is not afraid to share his missteps and how it helped him grow into they guy he is. I wish I had someone like him help mentor me when I was younger.

Great podcast!
My only complaint is that I wish the episodes were longer! Great podcast with very insightful conversations about sports, life, and leadership!

Great Stuff!
Love it, can’t wait to watch this thing blow up!

I love the triple A's!!
Awesome podcast by Alex Molden! Love the triple A's and how it is used by a professional Football player. I can use these triple A's in my life. Also, love the name of this podcast "The Shark Effect"... I want to be a girl Shark!!

Real Deal!!
Super insightful! Alex is the real deal! So motivational! Can’t wait for the next show!

Great Start!
Excellent opening episode-looking forward to further insights and strategies!

Love listening to Alex’s leadership perspective from a pro athletes perspective!! Can’t wait to follow this podcast !!

Alex brings spirit and helpful insight into engaging conversation. I appreciate his multiple perspectives as a father, as an athlete, and as a leader. More importantly, I respect and admire his heart and his passion to help others aspire beyond obstacles and challenges. I know nothing about football, but I do know that the lessons of hard work, being a member of a team, and striving for one’s best are key to any level of personal or professional success. Thanks Alex, as a new loyal subscriber, I look forward to all your future episodes!

Journey into True Power
We can achieve so much, but yet the journey into ourselves is the most important one. Alex invites you to walk for a bit on his journey into his heart to be the leader that is powerful and true! Insightful and honest!

Athletes are the masters of self discipline
So wonderful to see a top athlete give his gifts to lead us to become better leaders.

Great Inspirational Story
I enjoyed his perspective on the importance of mindset

Life Lessons
Some great lessons to be learned here… Alex Molden will teach you universal learning skills that will help you succeed in all aspects of life.

Great Show!!
The moment I tuned in I was hooked! Thank you for bringing such an A show can’t wait to hear more!

Bonni H in AZ
What a great listen! So grateful that Alex chose to share his breadth of experience with all of us.

Love it
Great show! Really enjoyed it

Shark Effect
Louie, Bethie, and I listened while we were preparing dinner together. Great message, we really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to hearing more!💪❤️