Sept. 15, 2020

Historical political conspiracies, part 2

Historical political conspiracies, part 2

The slavery conspiracies

We're back again, with the next installment of our historical review of American political conspiracy theories. This time, unfortunately, we have to talk about the hideous history of conspiracy theories centered around slavery, and the ways that they impacted both slaveowning, and even abolitionist societies prior to the Civil War. This one is, of course, upsetting. But, we hope, also super interesting. And, as our nation strives to reckon with its unfortunately and intensely racist history, we think it's really important. We hope you agree. Email us at theparanoidstrain at gmail dot com, join the FB group, and please tell anyone you think might enjoy the show that...well, you enjoy the show. See you in a couple of weeks.



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