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Oct. 17, 2021

EP 90.5: "The Book of Joel: Volume One" by Imelda Wei Ding Lo - Flipthrough and Commentary!

EP 90.5:

WATCH ON YOUTUBE to see us flip through the book: https://youtu.be/QwgTbfsvJHE

In this episode, @tete.depunk and @fortunusgames review and flip through @fortunusgames' hard copy of her graphic novel, "The Book of Joel: Volume One"!  

This hard copy contains a beautiful introduction written by @tete.depunk (which is only available in this hard copy and on the ebook version of "The Book of Joel: Volume One" - more info below), character profiles, and the Prologue up to the end of Chapter 3 (that means content up to February 2022). At the end, I've also amassed some of the best comments you guys have left on Tapas for this series!  

Buy "The Book of Joel: Volume One" e-book here.

Read "The Book of Joel" here.

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