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May 22, 2023

EP 201: Interview with Kyler Bingham, author and host of podcast “Salt Lake Dirt”

EP 201: Interview with Kyler Bingham, author and host of podcast “Salt Lake Dirt”
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The Nuts and Bolts of Writing

Today, host Imelda Wei Ding Lo (a.k.a. Fortunus Games, IG/Twitter @fortunusgames) will be interviewing author and podcaster Kyler Bingham, who hosts the podcast, “Salt Lake Dirt,” where he interviews many different creatives, including authors, movie directors, and actors. 

Me and Tete DePunk, a co-host of this podcast, have been interviewed on his podcast, specifically on episode 97, where we talked about how we met, our creative works, Tete’s Christian fundamentalist homeschooling experiences, and more. If you want to check out the episode, I’ve provided a link in the description.

So, on to the focus of our podcast: Kyler Bingham.

Kyler Bingham is an educator, writer and the host of Salt Lake Dirt, a podcast where he interviews writers, filmmakers, and musicians. He lives in Salt Lake City with his three dogs Rooney, Cosmo, and Mabel.

You can follow Kyler’s podcast on Instagram and TikTok @saltlakedirt and on his website at www.saltlakedirt.com.

I, Imelda Wei Ding Lo (Fortunus Games), asked Kyler the following questions:

  1. When I was on your podcast with Tete, you mentioned you were writing a book. What kind of book are you writing? What genre is it?

  2. Where did you get the idea for this book? 

  3. How have you been writing it? Do you write it whenever you’re inspired, or do you have a set schedule?

  4. What is the target audience of this book? How will you market it?

  5. How do you find talking about the specifics of a project? 



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