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Feb. 5, 2023

EP 184: Introducing Season 2 of The Nuts and Bolts of Writing!

EP 184: Introducing Season 2 of The Nuts and Bolts of Writing!

Fortunus Games talks about the new direction of the podcast starting this week. 

Season two will cover the following and more:

  • Concise tips for writing non-escapist fiction, since many of the episodes I had previously recorded with my co-hosts were very escapist. Many episodes fixated on Character A meeting Character B, which is fun, but doesn’t say much about the writing process.
  • Concise tips for writing female characters. We had a few episodes about this, but they were too long. We need to sum things up more concisely and effectively.
  • How to balance real life with creativity. This is a really important topic, since all three of us have realized that we need to balance both to succeed in both. And sometimes, it’s okay to not focus on writing, too. We don’t need to feel guilty about that.
  • More author interviews, including interviews with writers who have submitted to me and my co-hosts’ literary zine, The Unconventional Courier. The link is in the description if you want to learn more about The Unconventional Courier.

Stay tuned by subbing to my Instagram @nutsboltswriting.podcast and my Twitter @nuts_writing. You can also find me on YouTube under the username, Fortunus Games. Links to all of these can be found in my LinkTree, which is also in the description.

Thank you so much for supporting us since 2020! I can’t believe the podcast will be turning three this year. We wouldn’t have lasted this long without you guys supporting us!



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