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Aug. 30, 2021

EP 84: Tolkien's Influence on Wren's Work, "The House on Caple Hill"

EP 84: Tolkien's Influence on Wren's Work,

Wren's Instagram: @wrenby_m  

In this episode, me and Wren talk about their upcoming graphic novel, "The House on Caple Hill," and how Tolkien influenced their work.  

Art in thumbnail is from Pinterest (fair use, education) and I'm not sure who the original creator is - https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/437130707576724255/ 

We go through the following questions:  

1) Will your graphic novel “The House on Caple Hill” have a lot of world-building, since it is a more character-driven work? What role will world-building play in “The House on Caple Hill”?   

2) Which culture (I.e. Elvish, Dwarven, etc.) in Tolkien’s work was the most inspirational for you?   

3) Did Tolkien’s writing style have an impact on how you’ll be writing your graphic novel? How about the framing of events and pacing?

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