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Dec. 21, 2020

EP 45: Nuts and Bolts of Writing: Holiday Crossover Episode (1) - "Sam in NYC" + Tete's Characters

EP 45: Nuts and Bolts of Writing: Holiday Crossover Episode (1) -

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In this holiday special, get ready to learn about:

1) @tete.depunk’s Kai and Gerda celebrating #Yuletide in their universe, with magic! Small cameo of the fantasy AU version of Sam and his friends and family.


2) How my “Sam in New York” characters will celebrate the holiday season, Hanukkah, Christmas, and the New Years. Cameos of @tete.depunk’s Andrei, Dasha, and other characters from Andrei’s story as well as the AU versions of Kai and Gerda and the others.


3) Finally, a short section about how @tete.depunk’s Andrei will celebrate Christmas and New Years in the USSR.


The thumbnail features the Sims 4 version of Sam (left) dressed in a virgin killer sweater with Tete's Gerda next to him.

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