Oct. 24, 2022

EP 173: Movie Review: The Last Duel (2022) - Helevorn and Fortunus' Takes

EP 173: Movie Review: The Last Duel (2022) - Helevorn and Fortunus' Takes

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Today, me and  @R. N. Roveleh /  @Dr. Metalhead   (Instagram: @helevorn_bor) are going to be reviewing a movie from 2021, Ridley Scott's "The Last Duel."   

"The Last Duel" is about a trial by combat in 14th century France, where two men duel over an accusation of rape. 

The squire Jacques Le Gris is accused of raping Marguerite, the wife of his former friend Jean de Carrouges, and the only way to settle this matter of honour and to determine who is lying and who is telling the truth is to let God decide: they have to fight to the death.  

So, to explore our opinions and views about this movie, I'll go through a series of questions that both of us will answer.  

Intro - 0:25 

1) What were your expectations for the movie? Did the movie exceed these expectations? 1:11 

2) Out of the three perspectives, which was the most interesting? Which was the least? 4:55 

3) In Le Gris' perspective, he and Marguerite talk about courtly love. What does this say about Le Gris' views on love and how he later acts? 14:39 

4) How did you find the pacing of the movie? 23:10 

5) (for Helevorn) Has this movie inspired you to approach your long-running work, "Sons of Disobedience," any differently? After all, SOD is also told from three perspectives. 29:24 

6) How did you find the cinematography? 32:32 

7) How would you rate this movie? 36:11




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