Oct. 17, 2022

EP 172: The House on Caple Hill: Character Comparisons (3): Peter and Claude

EP 172: The House on Caple Hill: Character Comparisons (3): Peter and Claude

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Art in the thumbnail is by Wren (Instagram: @wrenby_m).  

Today, we'll be talking to Wren about their upcoming graphic novel, "The House on Caple Hill." 

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Last time, we had compared Jo with Laurel, since they are the main characters of the second book of the series, The Book of Ka. 

This time, we'll look at two important characters of the first book, The Book of Khet, namely, Claude and Peter. Claude was about to be married to Jo before she was whisked away and Peter marries her after casting a spell on her. 

We cover the following and more:  

1) Who is Peter and what are his main personality traits? 

2) How does Peter's family affect his personality? 

3) How does Peter's family compare to Claude's family? 

4) Does Peter push roles harder on Josofin compared to Claude? 

5) Is Peter more worldly and more exposed to other people than Claude?  

6) What was Peter's first impression of Jo? How did it compare to Claude's first impression of Jo? 

7) What was Jo's first impression of Peter? How does it compare to Jo's first impression of Claude?  

8) How does magic affect Peter and how he sees the world and Jo? How does magic affect Claude and how he views the world and Jo?  

9) What are Peter's main flaws? What are Claude's main flaws? 

10) What are Peter's most redeeming traits, if they exist? What are Claude's most positive traits?  

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