Oct. 10, 2022

EP 171: Movie Review: The Northman (2022) - Helevorn and Fortunus' Takes

EP 171: Movie Review: The Northman (2022) - Helevorn and Fortunus' Takes

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In this episode, me and Helevorn (@helevorn_bor on Instagram) review the film, "The Northman" (2022). 

We explore the following and more:  

Intro - 0:26 

1) What were your expectations for the movie? 1:01 

2) How does it compare to other English-language films and media we've seen about the Vikings, such as the History channel's "Vikings?" 5:52 

3) How historically accurate was the film? Were you surprised by how accurate it was? 11:20 

4) What references to real historical events and sagas stood out to you in particular? 18:01 

5) What did you think of the two male witches? 20:08 

6) How did you find the score? 26:38 

7) How did you find the cinematography? 28:53 

8) How did you find the female characters, especially Gudrun, Amleth's mother? How did they compare to the male characters? What about the "Maiden-King"? 33:40 

9) How did you find Olga and her relationship with Amleth? What did it reveal about both of them? 40:50 

10) What's your rating (out of 5)? What could be improved about the movie? 53:59 

11) Reply to comment on Twitch - Does this film glorify the Vikings? 59:54

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