Aug. 22, 2022

EP 164: "The House on Caple Hill" Character Comparisons (1) - Josofín and Claude

EP 164:

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Today, we'll be talking to Wren about their upcoming graphic novel, "The House on Caple Hill."   

Art in the thumbnail is by Wren (Instagram: @wrenby_m).  

Watch the playlist of all of the podcasts we've recorded so far about this graphic novel. 

In this episode, we learn that Josofín is quite cut off from her surroundings, including her family, and struggles to connect with people.  Claude is one of the few people who agree with her that many societal conventions are repressive. 

However, he also encourages her to refine her societal mask, since his family depends on him for many things (he's the eldest son).  

In short, Claude and Josofín complement each other in many ways. However, Claude is somewhat of a gentle authoritarian who doesn't really encourage Josofín to find herself, unlike Laurel, another character we'll be comparing Josofín to in our next episode with @wrenby_m...stay tuned to find out more!  

We cover the following questions in this episode:  

1) What are Josofín's key personality traits? 

2) What are Claude's key personality traits? 

3) How do these two interact? When do they get along the best and when do they argue the most? 

4) What traits does Josofín like the most about Claude? What does she dislike the most about him? 

5) What traits does Claude like the most about Josofín? What traits does he dislike the most about her?  

6) What activities do they enjoy doing together? 

7) What were their first impressions of each other and do those impressions change?

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