March 20, 2022

EP 142: The House on Caple Hill, Book 2 - "The Book of Ka" by Wren

EP 142: The House on Caple Hill, Book 2 -

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Today, me and Wren are going to be talking about their graphic novel, "The House on Caple Hill." 

Last time, on Episode 133, we talked about the first book of the series, "The Book of Khet." The Khet is one of the parts of the soul in Egyptian mythology, namely, the body. Accordingly, it's the beginning of our protagonist Josofin's story.  

(You can check out all of the podcasts I've done with Wren on this playlist.)  

Art on the thumbnail is by Wren.

Specifically, we'll be looking at the second book of the series, "The Book of Ka." Ka is the "spark of life" that distinguishes life from death. It explores more of Josofin's story, especially after a dramatic event in the first book.  

1. As previously discussed, each book in your graphic novel series, "The House on Caple Hill," takes place in a different setting. What's the setting of the Book of Ka? 

2. Who is the Erlking? What mythological figure from real life was he inspired by?  

3. Who is Laurel? What is her relationship to the story and to Josofin?  

4. Tell us how Josofin meets the Erlking's family with as few spoilers as possible. What does she learn from them? And they from her?  

5. What are the themes of the Book of Ka? How do they compare to the Book of Khet?

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