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Feb. 28, 2022

EP 139: Reviewing "Ghosts" by Henrik Ibsen - with R.N. Roveleh

EP 139: Reviewing

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This week, me and R.N. Roveleh (Instagram: @helevorn_bor) discuss one of her favorite books/plays, "Ghosts" by Henrik Ibsen.  We discuss the following and more:  

1. This play, when published in 1881, was seen as shocking. It was highly criticized both in Norway and abroad, the book sold poorly, Ibsen was attacked by critics and readers and censored. In England, The Daily Telegraph reviewed it as “Positively abominable [...] An open drain: a loathsome sore unbandaged; a dirty act done publicly.... Gross, almost putrid indecorum.... Literary carrion.... Crapulous stuff". What was so scandalous about it?  

2. What is the plot of the play?  

3. What is Mrs. Alving like?  

4. What’s her relationship with her son, Oswald?  

5. What role does Pastor Manders play?  

6. The title, translated in English as GHOSTS, actually means The ones who return. What does it refer to?  

7. Ibsen’s Ghosts appears in your novel Equilibrium Point. Ivar and Ulf watch the play at the theatre on their first date. How do the themes of the play tie in with those of Equilibrium Point?

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