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Feb. 20, 2022

EP 137: Reviewing "The Lady From the Sea" by Henrik Ibsen - with R.N. Roveleh

EP 137: Reviewing

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Today, me and R.N. Roveleh (Instagram: @helevorn_bor) talk about Henrik Ibsen's play, "The Lady from the Sea," which subconsciously influenced her character, Merwyn, whom she's written about in the short story, "The Enchanted Isles," as part of her anthology, "Tales from the North."  

Read "The Enchanted Isles" here: https://tapas.io/episode/2130584 

R.N. Roveleh will also be publishing a novella about Merwyn (of the same name).  

We talk about the following and more:  

  1. The play is inspired by a Scandinavian folk tale, "Agneta and the Sea King". What's the folk tale about?
  2. What are the themes of Ibsen's play? 
  3. What's the plot of the play? 
  4. What is the main character, Ellida Wangel, like? 
  5. What's her husband like and how is their marriage? 
  6. What's her relationship with her stepdaughters? 
  7. What does the sailor, her former lover, represent? 
  8. How does Ellida compare to Merwyn?

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