The Index Podcast
June 23, 2023

The Futures of Web3 and Digital Collectibles with Vibhu Norby, Founder of Drip and Solana Spaces

Welcome to the latest episode of The Index. In today's show, we delve into the world of Web3, the Solana ecosystem, and the exciting future of digital collectibles with our special guest, Vibhu Norby. Vibhu, the Founder, and CEO of Solana Spaces, leads a pioneering company that initially operated Solana stores in New York City and Miami. Now, they've concentrated entirely on their groundbreaking project, Drip.

Vibhu shares with us how Drip is becoming a unique platform that allows creators to build a universe of collectibles around their content, fostering an immersive experience for their audience. Join us to gain insights into Vibhu's creative journey, the evolution of Solana Spaces and Drip, and his thoughtful perspectives on the future of the digital collectible realm.

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Host - Alex Kehaya

Producer - Shawn Nova

Sponsor - The Graph