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April 13, 2024

Future of AI in the Workplace with Vinny Lingham, CEO of Rumi

This week on The Index, host Alex Kehaya welcomes Vinny Lingham, the Founder and CEO of Rumi, an AI-driven platform that offers video conferencing. Vinny shares his unique insights into the startup world as an investor and e…
April 6, 2024

Wealth Creation and the Solana Ecosystem with Akshay BD, Founder of Superteam

This week on The Index, host Alex Kehaya dives into the world of crypto with Akshay BD, advisor to the Solana Foundation and founder of Superteam. Akshay's journey, from launching Uber in India to becoming a key player in cr…
March 22, 2024

Ritual: Web3's Next Generation of AI & Crypto Infrastructure with Co-founder Niraj Pant

This week on The Index, host Alex Kehaya welcomes Niraj Pant, Co-founder of Ritual, the network for open AI infrastructure. Join them as they take a deep dive into Ritual's groundbreaking architecture, built on a crowdsource…
March 15, 2024

Hacking Innovation in the Solana Ecosystem with Matty Taylor, Co-founder of Colosseum

This week on The Index, host Alex Kehaya welcomes Matty Taylor, former Head of Growth at the Solana Foundation, who left to co-found Colosseum. Known for organizing some of the largest blockchain hackathons in the crypto spa…
March 8, 2024

Coinfund Insights: CEO Jake Brukhman on AI, Blockchain and Web3 Convergence

This week on The Index, host Alex Kehaya welcomes Jake Brukhman, Founder and CEO of Coinfund, to discuss the future of AI and Web3. They take a deep dive into how advanced AI and blockchain technologies are reshaping industr…
March 2, 2024

Web3 Community Building and the Future of AI with Alex Pisarevski, Co-founder of Epic Web3

This week on The Index, host Alex Kahaya welcomes entrepreneur Alex Pisarevski, Co-founder of the Epic Web3 conference. Join us as we explore how Alex is shaping a future where developers and founders come together, sharing …

Recent Blog Posts

Solana's Next Generation Gaming Ecosystem with Michael Wagner, CEO of Star Atlas

The Graph sponsors this week's episode. Alex Kehaya welcomes Michael Wagner, the co-founder and CEO of Star Atlas, a space-themed video game metaverse of grand strategy, open-world exploration, territorial conquest, and political domination.  …

In Conversation with Alex Bornyakov, the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

In this episode of The Index, host Alex Kehaya speaks with Alex Bornyakov, Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Digital transformation for IT development and the head of the Diia city project. Bornyakov has co-founded various tech projects, including Adtell…

How Web3 and Blockchain is Empowering Freedom with Paddy Cerri, Co-founder of Minima

In this episode of The Index, host Alex Kehaya speaks with Paddy Cerri, Co-founder and Chief Architect at Minima. Cerri is a technology leader who's mission is to deliver the freedom of a decentralized blockchain with his company Minima. Cerri grew…

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Alex Kehaya is an entrepreneur, educator, investor, and advisor to companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. He's currently focused on building the most censorship-resistant network on the planet at the Solana Foundation. Previously, Alex led business development efforts for Orchid Labs and hosted the popular "Follow The White Rabbit" technology podcast.