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Plugin as we explore Web3 and the decentralized future.

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Web3, the New Data Economy, and the Power of NFTs with Danny Zuckerman

Sept. 22, 2021

Interview with Danny Zuckerman, Co-Founder of 3Box Labs

Future of DEFI and Self Sovereign Identity with Justin J. Moses

Sept. 8, 2021

Interview with Justin J. Moses, CTO at Synthetix

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Web3, the New Data Economy, and NFTs with Danny Zuckerman

The Index podcast takes a deep dive into the current convergence of technology, the power of NFTs, and how to use sovereign data to build Web3 apps.

Power of DeFi & Self Sovereign Identity with Justin J. Mos…

Alex Kehaya and Justin J. Moses take a deep dive into the evolution of Synthetix, unlocking the power of DEFI, self-sovereign identity, NFTs, and the fut…

Developer Innovation and the Rise of the Creator Economy w…

Each week host Alex Kehaya interviews decentralized builders creating the next wave of the Internet and is brought to you by The Graph. In this episod…

About the Host

Alex Kehaya


Alex Kehaya is an entrepreneur, educator, investor, and advisor to companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. He's currently focused on building the most censorship-resistant network on the planet at the Solana Foundation. Previously, Alex led business development efforts for Orchid Labs and hosted the popular "Follow The White Rabbit" technology podcast.