The Index Podcast
Jan. 26, 2024

Baxus: Rare Wine and Spirits Trading with CEO Todd Wiesel

Baxus: Rare Wine and Spirits Trading with CEO Todd Wiesel
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This week on The Index, host Alex Kehaya welcomes Tzvi "Todd" Wiesel, a seasoned whisky trader, investor, and Founder/CEO of Baxus. Todd shares his entrepreneurial journey—from serving in the Israeli military to the launch of BAXUS. This online marketplace offers collectors access to an extensive collection of rare bottles of wine and spirits from around the world, allowing them to buy, sell, and trade online.

Discover how Baxus pioneers blockchain and NFTs to ensure authenticity and unique ownership. This innovation opens doors to using tokenized bottles as collateral and integrating them into digital realms, such as online gaming and DeFi protocols. BAXUS leverages the power of blockchain technology to enable collectors and investors to store and protect their assets securely while maintaining irrefutable proof of ownership.

Host - Alex Kehaya

Producer - Shawn Nova




00:04 - Future of Whiskey Trading With Baxus

06:32 - Benefits of Asset Chain Placement

14:37 - Future of Distilleries and Real Assets

22:34 - Security and Future Plans of Baxus

29:37 - Whiskey, Spirits, and Blockchain Intersection