March 4, 2024

5 Leaps of Faith: How to Make Courageous Life Changes w/ Rachel G. Scott, Author

This passionate and authentic author and Bible teacher shows you 5 ways to make major life changing moves with faith and confidence, grounded in Scripture, while discerning God's guidance and making bold steps in faith.

How much faith do you need to take a leap of faith?

Some say that it's about taking blind leaps, while others believe it's all about strategy and information. But have you ever considered that God has already shown you how to take the leaps that He's guiding you toward?

In this powerful and life-changing interview, you'll learn about 5 specific leaps that can propel you into your next season from author, Bible teacher and speaker Rachel G. Scott. Her fascinating story is a parallel to the leaps of faith that we creatives all face, but she has cracked the code through study of God's Word, insightful research and coaching clients from every walk of life. You'll discover how one of these 5 leaps can be your stepping stone to God's next adventure for your life!

Questions answered in this episode include:

  • How do I embrace change when I don't feel ready for it?
  • How can I trust God's guidance more when it comes to life-changing decisions?
  • What do I have to do to reconcile my future changes with my present reality?
  • How can I navigate uncertainties between the different leaps I could take? e.
  • What happens when I don't like the leap God is leading me to?


Rachel G. Scott is the founder of the I Can't Come Down movement and the host of the "Taking the Leaps" podcast. With a background as a Bible teacher, writer, and speaker, Rachel's work has garnered thousands of downloads and views on YouVersion. Her latest endeavor includes the release of her new book, "Taking the Five Leaps," further solidifying her influence in guiding individuals through major life changes. As a wife and mother, Rachel's relatable experiences and unwavering commitment to faith provide a solid foundation for her insights on navigating career, family, and spiritual paths. Her dedication to merging faith and creativity makes her an authoritative voice for those seeking to embark on major life changes with confidence and trust in God.

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You have you ever heard the term take a leap of faith? Well, of course you have. That's one of the most common phrases in the english language. We all use it when it comes to doing something that you're scared to do, but you're going to do it. Whether you have a lot of information, whether you're not sure if God's with you, but you still feel this tug, this feeling that you have to make a big move.

But how do you make it? When do you make it? And how can you discern what God is really doing in your creative life when it's time to make that big leap of faith? Where we're going to talk to someone who has literally written the book on taking leaps. Her name is Rachel G.

Scott. She is an expert and an amazing bible teacher and a wonderful creative as well who is going to bless you today. Give me just a moment to welcome those of you who are new to our show, and then we'll get right into this empowering and fascinating conversation. Artists, musicians, and creatives of all kinds looking for help? BAllencing your passion to create with your everyday life?

Not sure if your faith can coexist with your profession? Welcome to a place where real artists discuss real life. You're listening to the God and gig show. Visit for show notes, links, and more information.

Hello and welcome to our show. Thank you so much for making this podcast a part of your creative day. And if you are new to our show, let me promise you, you're in the right place at the right time with the right people. And let me tell you why. First of all, quick introduction of myself.

My name is Allen C. Paul. I'm a musician. I'm a creative. I'm the founder of God and gigs and we are here to help you.

The musician, creative entrepreneur, freelancer, anyone in the intersection of arts, content creation, and entertainment. We help you to transform your creative life from the inside out by applying timeless spiritual principles to the temporary creative problems that you're facing. You're among friends now, so make sure you join us here. If you're watching on YouTube by subscribing, clicking that notifications bell. And if you're listening via audio, go ahead and subscribe.

You found your tribe, and there's no better episode you could have chosen to join us or those of you who have been with us for a long time when it comes to making these life altering decisions than my guest today, Rachel G. Scott. Now let me tell you a little bit about Rachel. Her resume speaks for itself you've probably already read it in the show notes, but she has already given us such an amazing wealth of information and connection via her podcast, which she allowed me to be on a little earlier. We'll put that link in the show notes.

So she's already a friend of God and gigs, but if you're meeting her for the first time, she is a wife and a mother. An Ohio native, she is a graduate of Kansas State University. She's got her MBA, and she is the host of the taking the Leaps podcast and the founder of the I can't come down movement. She's been a Bible teacher and has written a bunch of devotionals on you version which have gotten thousands of downloads and views. She is now the author of a new book which as you're listening and watching, you probably already have access to or can get right away, which is called taking the five leaps.

And in this episode, she is going to explain what these leaps are, how she came across this entire concept of making leaps, and how it relates to every single type of decision that you have to make when it comes to your career, your family, and most importantly, following God as he directs you on your path. She's going to share some little known facts about her own leaps, some visions that she had for her future back when she was younger. That turned out to not be the case, and how all of these things are helping her to guide people like us to make the right leaps at the right time and to develop what she calls a leaping lifestyle. My friend, this is an absolutely mind blowing and new concept for many of us to think of leaps as something that God not only orchestrates, but gives you an actual template for. So you're going to want to listen to every single moment of this episode, take notes, and send this to a friend who might also be struggling with the next leap that they're going to make in their life.

Without any further ado, my friends, let's get right into this incredible conversation with my friend, Bible teacher, writer, and podcaster Rachel G. Scott.

I could not be more pleased, more blessed, more honored to have my sister, my friend the leaper herself, the ultimate leaper. I'm just making up stuff right now. I just love her spirit and it makes me goofy and it makes me have fun. So I just want to go ahead and give her the time to talk about everything. She's going to share her knowledge, her wisdom, her love of God, and how she's going to help so many more people through what her efforts are doing right now.

As you're listening. Most likely it's already available to help you take the next step in God. So, Rachel G. Scott, welcome to the God and gig show. Oh, Allen, I have been so excited to be on this show and get to connect with you again.

In the chat with my friend and my brother. We always have some really good, encouraging conversations. So I'm thankful and honored to be here today. It's been an absolute pleasure just being in your orbit. I have to honestly say it's hard for me to remember when I came in contact with you.

It might have been through your podcast, it might have been seeing some of your you versions. I honestly don't remember. And now I just feel like you've just always been there. It might have been Instagram even. But the key line that I want to make sure that the through line is for people who are meeting you for the first time as I explain how I met you, is that you immediately brought authenticity and the truth of what you're sharing in God.

It wasn't pretense, it wasn't fake, it wasn't let me get more followers. It was immediately apparent that you mean what you say and that you really believe that you can help people because. God has helped you. So now, you know the podcast game. You've been doing this probably longer than I have.

So, you know this is coming up. We're going to do it and we're going to go ahead, just like plow through it. So, you know the 32nd elevator pitch is coming, right? And you rehearse this line, hopefully. So here's your chance.

Rachel, when people ask you, what do you do for the first time? If they don't get a chance to hear anything else, what do you share with them? I tell them that I'm a writer, I'm a speaker and a podcast host, but most importantly, I'm a follower of Jesus and a wife and a mother. Those are the roles that, to me, are the most important. Everything else comes underneath that couldn't be done better, right?

Like, I knew you were going to nail it, number one. And number two, people have already read the show notes, so I don't know why we always do that to them. They wouldn't click on it. They didn't say, I want to hear about this person. So now that you are dealing with all of these roles, I think we always have to start from not necessarily your past, but more the motivation of your past, because there's so many things that go into being an author, being a speaker, being a wife, being a mother.

So what would you say would be the first thing in your life that started to push you in a direction of whether it was toward your writing, whether it was. What was that first passion that you say? I don't know if you're a teen or whatever that time is, when's that first passion start to illuminate where God's like, oh, you know what, I kind of want to fulfill or do this thing. You're going to love this story. But before I share this story with you, I need to self correct.

Because one thing God has told me this year is that I'm not calling myself a speaker. I'm a Bible teacher, so I need to self correct myself. I am a writer, a Bible teacher, and a podcast host. That's really important for me to step into because that's a whole leap story in itself. But where did all this start?

That's why I said, you're going to love this story. So my passion originally was singing, and I wanted to grow up and I wanted to be a backup gospel singer. That was what I just knew I was going to do. And I loved all things music. And I could hold the alto section down.

Okay, that's it. I could hold the alto section down. And me and my best friend, we would spend the summers writing. She played the piano, and I will write music. And so we would just collaborate and write songs together.

That, to me, was where my life was headed. That is what I thought I was going to do for the rest of my life. Until one day when I was a part of a choir and God was calling me out of it. And it was so hard because that's all I knew. All I knew was music.

Growing up around my music, I didn't know what else he was going to call me do. I'm like, there's nothing else in me besides this. And when he called me out of that, I started feeling led to write. So that's what I did. I went to a conference, I learned how to write, and I started writing my story.

And that initial book never came out because it just was not that great. But what it did was it taught me a lot about the craft, the art of writing as an actual author. So that's kind of where it all began, was not doing what I originally thought that I was going to be doing. I mean, when I was younger, I talk about in my upcoming book, I actually share the story of when I got this blank book from the thrift store that my dad used to take us to all the time. And it was just this big, thick, like, massive.

You know, the old bibles that were, like, really big, thick bibles. You know what I'm talking about? The one that always had the big picture in the middle. Yeah. It was, like, big and thick.

So there was, like, this book, and it was a blank piece of paper, all paper, just all white paper. And I'm like, well, I don't know what I'm going to do with this. So I took it and I started writing poetry. So that's kind of where I started things, but never really said, oh, I'm going to become a writer. I wanted to be a backup gospel singer, and God brought it back around to that place where I'm still writing.

I could still write a lyric or two, but I'm still writing books. But, yeah, that's kind of where my journey began. Now, of course, I love the fact that you weren't even aspiring to be the head back singer. You wanted to be background. I want to be background.

You wanted to be solo. They couldn't hear you, like, been the back. But the funny thing is that that still speaks to number one passion, which we're going to obviously talk about how God leads you to certain directions. That's clearly. That's going to be a part of the theme of this interview.

But the other part is knowing that you have a certain, I guess, word bent or a certain way of looking at the world that God puts inside you. And even when you shifted to certain things, certain other areas, your personality, your way of looking at the world was already kind of set. So I want you to speak quickly to that, because I know some people already are saying if they're reading about leaps or calling, they're already questioning how God made them in the first place. So can you speak to anyone right off the bat before we get into what they do? Can you talk about the identity piece of how you're made and who you are and why, if that was important to you before you made all the decisions in terms of your life.

Yeah. One of the first things that I've had to learn is that we're made in the image of God. We are image bearers for Christ. And let's just be honest, that's a threat to the kingdom. And a lot of times what will happen is a counterfeit will present itself in the form of something that we're supposed to do because of the threat that we can be to the kingdom of God if we actually step into what he's called us to do.

But we want to ask God who are we? So, for me, I've always been the kind of person who's like, I know my lane. This is what God told me. This is what I'm supposed to do. This is how I'm supposed to maneuver in it.

And I know that there are a lot of people who struggle at times with comparison. And looking at other people, there have been areas where I did, and I could share that with you later. There's been one area during this book process specifically that I did struggle with that a little bit. Like, am I doing enough? Am I supposed to be showing up a certain way?

But for the most part, my confidence in who God has made me to be is what has carried me. Not because life is perfect, not because people have spoken all these great things. I mean, I didn't grow up in a house where people were saying evil things or mean things to me, and I thank God for that. But I did have relationships that could have really tore me down, but I chose to look and see who has God called me to be and what has he called me to do? And from that vantage point is how I view every single thing I do in life from that vantage point.

Wow, that's powerful. The part that is so hard not to go straight into is that why don't we trust? Why do we compare? Why do we instantly? I don't know whether it's nurture, nature, culture, the enemy.

Something tries to get in there. And like you just said, whether it's outside influence or people, whatever kind of tear you away from who you are. And again, I think the who then obviously influences the what you do, what God's called you to, whether you take this path or that path. So I thank you so much for being honest and transparent about that. And quickly, I wanted to think about some people in your life that maybe helped you, because I know your family is important to you.

And so just tell me quickly if there are any particular people in your life, mentors, pastors, anybody that helped you keep that strong while you're getting ready to make these decisions that we're about to help people make. Oh, yes. I can think of three key people in my life that have always just poured into me since they've been apart. My dad. So most people don't know this, but I was actually raised by my dad.

I still have a relationship with my mom, but I was raised by my dad. And he was just always encouraging. He was a prayer warrior. I mean, he is a prayer warrior. So him praying for me, seeing something in me, I remember one day he came to me and he said this.

And as a teenager, I was, whatever. What are you even talking about? But he said, Rachel, you're an eagle. Don't fly with. And I'm like, huh?

He's like, you're an ego. Don't fly with pigeons. And I was a teenager at the time. He was really trying to tell me, the people you hang with ain't no good. But I was just like, what is he talking about?

How egos and pigeons. But I go back to that moment and know that he saw something in me, and he would constantly pour into me. The second person is my husband. Oh. When I say that, there are moments that people just don't see, that I don't see myself the way he does.

And he's like, Rachel, no. This is what God said. This is who you know. And he's pouring into me. He's pushing me.

And those things are so key. And then the other thing is, I've had some really solid friends that have walked with me through difficult challenges. And one of those are, I have two really good. Like, when I say, like, the mom sisters, they are amazing. And they hold me up.

They know who I am. They know who I've been called to be since I was a little girl. They know the Rachel that was getting up at probably eight years old reading my Bible, they know that part of me. And so they speak into that, and they support me in everything that I do. But most importantly, they're real with me.

They're like, no, we're not going to do that, Rachel. So they don't let me get, like, big headed or none of those things. They're like, you, a child of God, period, point blank, just like we all are. So, yeah, those are some key people in my life. Well, Rachel, I am so glad that.

You'Re sharing your authentic story, because when you start to talk about this next part, these leaps, which I absolutely resonate with because I've been jumping all over the place my entire life. So when I saw your podcast name about the leaps, and I was like, oh, someone finally gets it. So I binged about five or six, maybe eight, nine episodes of the Europe. So first, you got to help me to understand why this particular thing became your thing, because you've also had other projects. Like you said, you're a Bible teacher, so you had other projects.

But why the leaps? What created this genesis of this particular movement and the story that you're now and the things you're helping people with now? Yeah, I believe there are several things that led to this point, to be honest, to the point where I'm like, okay, there has to be something that talks about it. But there was this one pivotal moment when I was actually working with a client that I did writing for, and I was having a conversation with her. She was in the healthcare industry, and I could tell that she just had this tug of war of, should I leave my job as a healthcare professional who's providing for my family and walk away to become a writer?

And so, honestly, during the conversation, I didn't have the answers for her. I'm like, I don't know. Because I started to think about, well, I've done that before. This happened. This happened.

It didn't go so well. And so I prayed with her. I just kind of encouraged her. But at the end of that conversation, I just was pondering on that for a while. Like, lord, is that the only way that someone can obey you and take a leap of faith?

Do they have to just walk away from everything? So there's two things that I always do when I am having a conversation with God and wanting to know more specifically from him is I'll say, show me someone in the Bible who. So I ask him, is that the only way? And, lord, can you show me someone in the Bible who did it another way? And that's where these five leaps came from.

So I asked a question, and then I listened for the answer. Wow. So just the fact that, number one, your desire to even share this wasn't your personal problem. I mean, specifically. Yeah.

It was one that I had experienced, but it was like hearing someone else's made me like, okay, I'm not the only one. Why does this keep happening? You know what I mean? Yeah. And then the second half, of course, right there, which is you went to the Bible, you didn't.

We could hang a whole episode on this. Right? How many times we find ourselves in a crossroads? Am I going to go this way? That way?

And we're speaking to christians. We're speaking to 99.9% believers, most likely. Right. So why is it then, at those pivotal moments, that we don't go back to the inscription, to the structure, to the scriptures, to the word of God? Why do you think that you did it?

You said, where is this in the Bible? First, before I start to make these decisions on even how to explain this. So why do you think that we don't go back to the Bible?

I'm sorry. That's so good. Because we don't believe it's a living word. If we really believe that it's a living word, that we understand that whatever we are walking through in life, there is a word relevant to what we're walking through. So I believe that the word of God is a living word.

Anytime I read it. I've read scriptures before and in one season and in one thing, and I read it again, I'm like, wait a minute. No, this says this. It's the exact same word, but it became alive to me in my situation. So when we recognize the word of God as a living word, we then go to it to get life that we need to help us in our everyday life.

So, good, because he is the word, right? And he's walking with us. And so now that we're talking about making choices, making leaps, making decisions, who better than the person who's literally walked. That path, who walks with us and to go to his word? So this is.

Yes, you're helping me right now, but now we got to get to the. Nitty gritty of these leaps. These five leaps that you have determined are the ways that when you looked at scripture, you found these. And I love the fact that you break these down. But we're talking to people who may have never heard of this.

Right? So can you help them? For that very first time, they're even hearing the term, what is a leap? And what are those leaps that you have now found in scripture that we. Can all relate to when it comes.

To making a decision and a path in our lives? Okay, so I'm going to list them first, and then I'll explain them. The first one is the fisherman. Then you have the tent maker, the builder, the shepherd, the trailblazer. So those are the five leaps.

The first one is the fisherman, which is when you walk away from everything. The one we talked about. And that's based off of Peter when he just left everything to go follow Jesus. And then we have the tent maker. The tent maker is actually Paul, and we know that Paul actually, he built tents, but he was working and serving in the ministry.

And so the way that he was providing for the ministry work he did was through his skill and his ability to build tents. So that is who we gauge that off of, and that's our key. So each person, each of these leaps has a biblical character. And that's important for me to know it's based on a biblical character. It's not just a random leap.

It's based on the actual biblical character that I talk about more in depth in the book. So then we have the shepherd's leap. And the shepherd's leap is Abraham. And that is walking away. Well, not walking away.

I'm sorry. When you move to a new location. So whenever we feel called to get up and relocate, then we can look at the story of Abraham. And I really dive into some things that a lot of people miss in that story. That's really important.

And then we have the builder's leap, which is Nehemiah. I'm going to tell you, I love Nehemiah. I have a whole movement called I can't come down based off of Nehemiah. What I love about him is his leap was temporary. So anytime God calls us to leave somewhere but then go back, then that's a temporary leap.

And so that's a builder's leap. And that one is unique, specifically, because a lot of times we don't know that we're going to go back or we have a struggle with actually returning because we feel like we're not supposed to, then the last one is a trailblazer. And, y'all, that's Jesus. He did all of these leaps before us when he came from heaven to earth. When he walked in his time of ministry, he was a fisherman.

When he left heaven to come to earth, he was a builder. He was a tip maker. When he served as a carpenter while still fulfilling his role as savior and going into ministry. So we see that he did all of these leaps. And what I love about that is that we see he did that before us to show us that we can do it, too.

He walked the path already for us. So powerful. And here's the part that I really love about this. Number one, I took the quiz that you put out there, and I honestly didn't like my answer. I'm sorry, because I came out as a builder.

Here's why I struggled with that. I struggled with that because throughout my life, and I'm not going to make this all about, they can go read my book to hear about all my leaps, right? How I went from being school teacher to minister of music to all these other leaps that I've done. So I immediately, again, gravitate to that. And I know other people are listening right now.

They recognize one of those leaps. But what I struggled with is realizing that God might be using my leaps in a way that I don't want to be used. I don't want to be person that has to go back. Even though I can see the pattern now, right. I can see where someone might say, you know what?

I did have to leave everything and walk away. But I think, and I want you. To speak to this. Sometimes we want a different kind of leap. We want to do things our own direction, but God is saying, no, this is the way.

So how do you handle that when it's not the leap you want? When it's not the leap you want? So let me say this, the quiz. What I love about it is it tells you your natural leap tendency. So that's probably the way that you just more used to doing, but it does not mean that it's one that you want to do.

And that's something I find to be the case, is that, yeah, I do this, but it's not necessarily what I want. And when it's a leap that we don't specifically want because there's some other ones that are like, well, I could do this one over here. I prefer that one. I prefer to more naturally be able to do that. Then that's where it's the beautiful thing where God can come in and it's an invitation to say where I'm weak, you're strong.

So for me, the leaf that I am naturally is a fisherman. Right? I can just peace out, go on to next thing God called me to. But the one that's a struggle for me is a shepherd to have to get up and move. It's too many pieces.

It's too many moving parts of it. So I struggle with that. But what I have to do with that is because I know that's where I struggle at. I have to go look for people who have gone before me in that area and to ask God to help me with that and to ask God what is he trying to build and strengthen in me in that leap that he wants me to do, whether I want to do it or not, but I'm struggling with it and allow that to be a place where. Where God's glory can be revealed the most.

So I'm telling you, you absolutely encapsulate this so well, because here's the thing that I'm still blown my mind. This is literally where so many people get hung up and stuck. Because the whole point of changing, of we're in an economy where just the idea of having a job for like five years is like, people can't even imagine it, right? Like everybody's going from place to place. Do I do this?

Do I do this? I can't find a job here. I can't find a job there. Meanwhile, you've constructed and reminded us of a pattern and a paradigm that allows you to change? Yes.

And not be freaked out and not lose your peace. So I was going to ask you, why do you think this particular book is important at this season, at this time in our history, our world, or whatever? Why is it so important that people need this particular type of thing now? Because we're called to live a leaping lifestyle. So when we're younger, we're used to going from fifth grade to 6th grade to 7th grade.

We go off to college. And then something happens when we become an adult and our brain tells us, you have to do one thing, okay? You have to pick one thing. You have to do one thing. You're only going to stay in one place.

And anything outside of that feels unnatural. But we are called. We see through the life of Jesus that our life should be lived as leapers. And it doesn't mean that he's going to always tell you to move, but we should always be kind of stretched out of our comfort zone. If we are in our comfort zone for too long, I'm going to say this boldly, and people may not agree, but we may not be in the will of God, because, I don't know, the God that I serve doesn't tend to keep me in my comfort zone for a long time, because then I can be my own God in that zone.

You know what I mean? Just realistically, I can do my own thing. I know how to operate. I know how to get it done myself. And I become self reliant.

I become reliant on myself. And so I think a lot of people, we are moving into a culture where people no longer are just supposed to do one thing, because just being real, God could come at any moment, and he is trying to draw as many people unto himself before that time comes. So the scripture I always love to share with people is, the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. So why would God give the few laborers one thing to do? He's going to be calling us out.

He's always going to call us out. He's always going to call us out of our comfort zone. Show me someone in the Bible. You show me someone in the Bible who was comfortable. Was moses comfortable?

No. Was Abraham comfortable? No. Jesus. What did he say?

He said, let this cup pass from me, but not my will. Your will be done. And so we have to get out of that mindset. And that's why I think this book is so important, because we become so complacent out of fear of scarcity, out of fear of security. There's been so many areas where we've lost security.

So now I got to make myself secure. I'm going to create my own security space. God is like, no, I'm not in that. I'm not in that. And so this book is almost that reminder to people that may have become complacent, that may be afraid to step out of that comfort zone.

Like, in order for you to get to where God wants you to be, you're going to have to step out of your comfort zone. And it's for me, too. Yeah, this is to us first. But I love that you came strong, and I love the other part that immediately resonated with me was the idea that we serve a multifaceted God. Why in the world would a multifaceted God make unifaceted people and so many creatives?

We're talking to our creative friends, right? We struggle. We talked about this before with the identity. Well, am I an artist? Am I a musician?

Am I a creative? Am I a writer? Do I have to pick one niche? I got a niche down. Got a niche down.

I got to be one thing. And then we struggle with that. Well, they say, oh, I have to be consistent. I have to be laser focused. And then when you start to sense this kind of shift, like you said, it drives us out of our comfort zone.

But yet God is perfectly capable of being father, son, and holy ghost, lying and lamb at the same time.

So how in the world can we as people be scared? As you said, it's really fear. It's a spirit of fear, of leaps. Into these other areas when God literally is encapsulating, I'm there before you, I'm there after you and all this thing. So again, we're preaching to ourselves because I'm reminding myself of this very thing even now, as God is stretching me and the things I'm like, what are you doing?

But he's before us. So I want you now because we've been so good. I do want to hit just one thing that I know people sometimes struggle with. I want you to brag a little bit, because many of us struggle with, okay, now I've made the leap. But then we don't celebrate or actually give God praise or really be honest and honoring of that season that we did make the leap.

So give me at least one mountaintop moment that you realized you made the right leap, that you realized God met you right. Something where, whether it's personal, professional, just remind or tell people what's on the other side of making the right decision and choosing the leap for something that was personal for you. Oh, that's so good. I actually was just thinking of something this morning. I remember when God transitioned me out of doing writing, mentoring, and that was one of my best financial years ever.

So when I knew he told me to shut down that program, it was called the next level writers program. When I knew he was telling me to shut down that program, I struggled. It took me probably, like, a year to do it, because I'm like, listen, in that whole year that I waited, I got zero sales. Like, no one signed up for it. But I still was like, well, maybe it just wasn't bad.

And I remember finally listening and saying, okay, God, you're saying no. You're telling me not to do this, to release this, because you want me to step into something else. And can I say that sometimes we don't fully have the picture of what he wants us to step into because he's not going to give us the next step until we're obedient to the last. And that's one of the biggest things that I've learned. But what I can say is, after I let that go, is when this book deal came up, when I released what I was holding on to that I thought was just so great, and it was, is when I got the opportunity to write this book.

So he had to create the space. And a lot of times, God wants us to let go of things because of the space that's required for the next thing he wants to do in our life. So if you are out there and you're wondering, like, how, why this has happened so many times in my life, I'm going through it right now. I just shut down my brand agency, and I'm like, why, God? Why are you telling me that?

Last year was the best financial year for me. But there's something he's creating space for, and he's like, you can't do both. So I hope that encourages someone. It was way bigger. I didn't think I would ever get a book deal.

But he's like, you will if you create the space for it. Wow. Yeah, it's just bringing him the fishes and loaves, right? I mean, it's giving up that little thing that we think. That boy ate pretty good.

I'm pretty sure after he gave up his five lunch, he probably ate way. Better after he decided I get extra.

So that's so good. Rachel, real quick, think about his life after that, though. Like, y'all do know that was my fish and my loaves, right? That y'all ate off of, like, he had to just know Jesus after that. On a serious had, I'm sure he was telling everybody every time, oh, y'all want some of this?

You remember, right? It's like, don't mess with me. I'll call my friend back.

Beautiful. Such a beautiful thing again that we can say to everybody again, especially those of us in the arts entertainment ministry space, when there are myriad opportunities. And one of the scriptures that immediately comes to mind is really my favorite scripture. And it's probably why your message and you and I connect so well, because my theme scripture has always been psalm 25 ten, which is all the paths, plural of the Lord, are full of mercy and truth for such that keep his commandments. When I tell you, Rachel, paths is my favorite word in the Bible because we just said it.

Abraham, Joseph, all these people all over the place. It feels like God. Where are you? Why are you taking me from here to there? Whether it's fishermen or builders or know.

And yet he's in all of them. He's in all the paths. There's one way to God, but God has several different paths and leaps that he could take us on. So I want you to go back to your path, go all the way back to that background singer that's getting ready to sing and be the next singing behind Kimberl or whoever you were trying to back up. What would you tell that young lady now that you've made all these leaps?

That you have been obedient, that you are following God and someone else is where you were, right. Someone else has a dream and a passion, has no idea that God is getting ready to ask them and give them opportunity to leap. So what would you say to yourself if you had a chance to talk to them now? Yeah, I love that because I think about when I left the choir, that was one of the hardest moments for me. And I would say, seek ye first, the kingdom and everything else will be added unto you.

I realized looking back at that time that my desire for what I wanted was so limited. It was limited to the sphere of what I understood. But what God had for me was so much bigger. And once I became willing to go down the path that he had for me, and not the one that I had laid out for myself, but the path he had for me, he had so much more in store that brought him glory, not Rachel. See, I had to remove myself from wanting the glory.

Even me wanting to be a background singer had nothing to do with the glory being on was. I love to sing, right? And I knew I could hold down an alto section. But when my heart became, how can I bring glory to God? Then he just laid it out like, oh, there's so many ways you can do that.

Oh, you're not limited, baby. You're ready to go if you want to bring glory to me. Let's go. And so I would just go back and say, seek he first the kingdom, and do what you do to bring glory to God and all the things will be added to you. So wonderful.

This has blessed me personally. I'm not even thinking about it. I know you're listening right now. I know you're watching. This was just for me.

Sorry I'm being selfish. Thank you so much, Rachel. Now, by the time they're hearing this or seeing this, I'm pretty sure they have an opportunity to get this into their hands. So please tell them how they can get taking the five leaps. How can they get this into their spirit and into their hands and into their libraries?

They can go to They can go to Amazon or my publisher, Moody publishers, any of those places you can purchase your book. Awesome. And you need to go do that right now, because I'm telling you, there's a leap on the other side that you need to be ready for, probably one that you're already thinking about taking. And this is going to bless you and help you to do that through God.

Rachel, God bless you, my sister. This has been too much fun. Thank you for your patience, for all the craziness that was happening behind the scenes. And we have fun. We have fun.

We still have fun. God was in all the leaks, some technological leaks. We did them all right. Oh, my gosh. God bless you so much.

Thank you so much for being on the God show. Thank you for having me.

My friend. I think you understand now what it means to take a leap of faith so much more than you did before you started this episode. Thank you so much for giving Rachel a chance to speak into your life. And now I hope you'll take these concepts. Number one, I hope you'll pick up the book.

You have to pick up the book. I've got my own copy. Wait, okay, this is literally being recorded. I know this is not. You might said, where did he go?

And the audio dropped out. But I wanted to pick up my book, taking the five leaps. I have my own copy right here, and I believe you should get yours as well. This is absolutely endorsed by God and gigs. And we will put it as one of our recommended resources on our webpage.

Make sure you pick this up listen to the podcast taking the leaps. Make sure that you connect with Rachel and all the show notes links that are in the description. And most importantly, make sure that you take these concepts to heart because God has more in store for you in your next leap. I, as I mentioned in the podcast, have taken so many leaps of faith that I didn't really know exactly how I was doing it. But now I understand it because of Rachel's teaching and applying it to the word of God.

And now you have a guide and a template that will help you follow the right paths. Well, my friend, that's our show for today. Please make sure you're subscribed and if you want to stay connected with our community even deeper, I invite you to check out our prayer devotional because that devotional will help you connect the dots between your spiritual life and your creative life. It's prayer and it's seven days that will help you get that motor running, connecting you with your Bible study and prayer so that you can live a more fulfilled, creative life. I think that's the best way that you can get connected and that also connects you to our God and gigs creative checkup newsletter.

So check that out. The link is in the show notes well, my friend, until next time, continue to become the creative that you were created to be. God bless and I'll see you next episode.

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