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June 14, 2023

Allen C. Paul~How to Make a Living After Becoming a Full-time Musician

Allen C. Paul~How to Make a Living After Becoming a Full-time Musician

“Creativity is a gift, but it's also a responsibility.” ~Allen C. Paul

Why is it that some creatives, artists, and musicians prosper and succeed while others struggle and fail?

How could you position yourself for success if you felt led to leave your career and transition fully into your creative calling?

Our guest today, Allen C. Paul will share how his passion for music led him to leave his teaching career and transition into a music career, lessons he has learned about making a living as a musician, how his faith has influenced his career and how he has learned to balance being a business owner and creative.

Allen’s Bio

Allen C. Paul is a musician, bandleader and composer who has performed with artists such as Chester Gregory, Mike Phillips and Chantae Cann, and has served as the musical director at Metro Life Church in Miami FL since 2009. He has been married to his wife Lia for over 25  years and has 3 children, and continues to perform and compose as an accomplished musician in South Florida. 

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