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#173 Beauty, Art, Changing World Order, & Jordan Peterson Live

April 02, 2022

#173 Beauty, Art, Changing World Order, & Jordan Peterson Live
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Greg and I are always fascinated by ideas, the search for truth, intellectual discussion, and meaningful connection. As intentionally as we have designed our lifestyle, it’s still rare for us to have all of those things in one evening. But we got the chance last week when we drove to Birmingham, AL to listen to Jordan Peterson present a live lecture at the Alabama Theater.

He discussed a chapter from his new book, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life about the importance of beauty and art. In this episode, Greg and I share our own journey of discovering beauty during our journey from overlanding hippies living in our truck with five kids, to moving to Germany where we encountered the enduring art and beauty of castles and cathedralsand how that changed us.

In a special VIP session after the lecture, Peterson answered some questions about the current state of the worldand what his thoughts are about what society might be facing. Greg and I unpack this and share some of our own thoughts about the Fourth Turning and the Changing World Order.

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