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April 10, 2024

Jon Lindstrom - Embracing Desire

Jon Lindstrom - Embracing Desire

Welcome back to the podcast, I’m Jamie Baynes. Today’s guest is actor and bestselling author, Jon Lindstrom. As you’ll soon learn, Jon caught the acting bug when he woke up in the middle of a James Bond film and saw two guys on the screen, fighting to the death. With that goal in mind, he set a course for Hollywood and all the hard work and frustrations associated with the actor’s life. Apparently feature films, various television shows, a regular stint on General Hospital and Port Charles and recording audiobooks weren’t enough for him, so he decided to write a USA Today bestselling novel as well. With all of that going on, and fighting a cold, he graciously agreed to come on a small podcast from a guy that he’s never heard of. Incredible.

After you listen to it, let me know what you think about Jon.  It’s easy to get a picture in your head of how you think a famous person is going to be. How they’re going to talk. How they’re going to interact with everyday people. How, how, how. I had no idea going into this interview how down to earth Jon was going to be. Talking to him was like taking to someone you’d meet in a coffeehouse, or bookstore or record shop. Just such a great guy and I truly enjoyed our conversation. Make sure that you check out his new novel, Hollywood Hustle and let’s hope he’s got more on the way.  Here's a link to his website:


I want to thank Jon for taking the time to talk to me and I’d like to thank you for taking the time to listen. We’re all in this together and together, we can make this world a better place. Until next time, take care of one another and thanks again for listening.