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April 5, 2023

Jack Roney - The Angels Wept

Jack Roney - The Angels Wept

Welcome back to the podcast, I’m Jamie Baynes. Today’s guest is Jack Roney, author of the crime novels The Angels Wept, The Demons Woke and The Shadows Watch. Jack got on my radar because of the marketing for his first book, The Angels Wept. To say that the book was everywhere be an understatement. Every time I’d open Facebook or Instagram I’d either see the fantastic cover of the book,  a post about Jack doing a speaking engagement or teaching an aspiring group of writers. I did some research on Jack and found that he’d recently retired as a police detective after over thirty years of service. So, he’s an author and a retired police officer; I wanted him on the show. I sent him a message and despite the time difference between Virginia and Australia, got to interview him. 

 I know that I repeat myself when I mention how fascinated I am when I talk to people from other countries and learn about the similarities and differences between the US and where they’re from, but it’s still true. Before talking to Jack, I had no idea that there were only a handful of police agencies responsible for law enforcement in Australia.

And, in writing the description for this episode, I found that Jack has another novel out, The Ghost Train & The Scarlet Moon.

 I think the beauty of current technology and social media is that they open up the world and allows us to explore a region outside of our own and we’re able to talk to people that we ordinarily wouldn’t be able to talk to. So even though it’s easy to condemn social media for people who misuse it, there’s always the opportunity to take advantage of the education it offers. 

I’d like to thank Jack for coming on the podcast and for being patient with me when I brought up Crocodile Dundee. I hate using the term, but that was truly a cringe question.

Also stay tuned for additional episodes with Jack because we’re discussing doing other interviews to talk about the realism of first responder writers versus what civilian writers think passes as real.

Until next time, take care of one another, and thanks for listening.

Check out Jack's website: https://www.jackroney.com.au/#/