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Feb. 28, 2024

Devin - A cop first

Devin - A cop first

Welcome back to the podcast, I’m Jamie Baynes. Today’s guest is Devin, a former Richmond police officer. I was working on a case recently and was talking  on the phone with a detective from another jurisdiction. After we hung up, my phone rang again immediately and showed that detective’s number. I answered and to my surprise it was Devin. He’d gone to work for another agency, was with the detective that I was talking to and recognized my name once that detective told him  he was talking to Investigator Baynes. After Devin and I caught up a bit, he asked when I was going to have him on my podcast. My answer? Anytime you’re ready. 

 Once you finish listening. I won't even have to ask if you like Devin because I'll already know the answer. A resounding yes. He’s such a down to earth guy, and his love for being a police officer and more importantly, the love he has for being a police officer in a city like Richmond speaks volumes about his personality and his character. And who could have predicted that my interaction with a detective from another jurisdiction would lead me to have such a fantastic conversation with Devin? 

I think that’s the power of positivity. Even when you’re not looking, it’s everywhere. I’d like to thank Devin for coming on the podcast and hope that he comes back for a second conversation soon. And I hope you do, too.

So until next time, take care of one another and thanks for listening.