Cowboys Episodes

June 24, 2021

The Most Disappointing Cowboys Player For 2021?

With Zeke’s production down last season and the huge contract hit for 2021, he has the potential to carry that label.
June 23, 2021

Daily Blitz - 6/23/21 – Is Ben DiNucci Better Than We Think?

Being an NFL quarterback is a hard job. Being a rookie makes it harder. Being a rookie quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys might be the hardest job in the NFL.
June 22, 2021

Daily Blitz - 6/22/21 – Nahshon Wright – Not Micah Parsons – Most Impactful Rookie?

The Dallas Cowboys 'powers that be' were charged with 'reaching' when they selected Nahshon Wright in the third round. He's doing his best to prove his new bosses right.
June 18, 2021

Daily Blitz - 6/18/21 - Pre-Training Camp: Grading the Dallas Cowboys’ Defensive Position Groups

The Cowboys don't need a top-5 defense in the NFL in 2021. The offense will carry the load. But can the defense be 'good enough' in 2021? Which position group shows the most promise? The Dallas Cowboys offense...
June 16, 2021

Daily Blitz - 6/16/21 – Pre-Training Camp: Grading the Dallas Cowboys’ Offensive Position Groups

With so much talent at each position, this offense should make opposing defenses shake in their cleats. But just how good can they be? Coming off a disappointing 6-10 campaign in 2020, there is still reason to be optimistic…
June 14, 2021

Is An 'Adequate' Backup Quarterback Really Necessary?

Is An 'Adequate' Backup Quarterback Really Necessary?
June 14, 2021

Daily Blitz - 6/14/21 - The Cowboys Should Extend THIS Player Right Now!

The Dallas Cowboys have been fairly successful in recent drafts, and as a result, have needed to extend those players to keep them. And this is where the club has struggled. One of the biggest challenges of running a footb…
June 11, 2021

Daily Blitz - 6/11/21 - Worst-Case "Non-Injury" Scenario For The Dallas Cowboys In 2021

The Dallas Cowboys 2020 season certainly seems like it was a worst-case scenario for the team and fans alike. What can go wrong in 2021? With so many injuries striking the Dallas Cowboys in 2020, especially early in the s…
June 10, 2021

To Trade Or Not To Trade: Jaylon Smith vs Leighton Vander Esch

After an influx of talent through the draft and free agency, is there room for both Smith and Vander Esch? If not, which one should go? Both have a history of injury. Both have a recent history of poor play. Are Jaylon Sm…
June 9, 2021

Can Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott Recover From His Forgettable 2020 Season?

Dallas Cowboys OTAs are done, and the team begins mandatory minicamp on Tuesday of this week. Can Ezekiel Elliott bounce back after his sub-par performance in 2020? – The Cowboys Blitzcast Podcast Ezekiel Elliott p…
June 8, 2021

Daily Blitz - 6/8/21 – Cowboys Veterans Who Might Be On The Roster Bubble

Heading into mandatory minicamp this week, there might be veterans who need to step up to make this final roster. -The Cowboys Daily Blitz Podcast
May 31, 2021

Daily Blitz - 5/31/21 - Can This Defense Be At Least Just Average?

Welcome to the Daily Blitz by DSP Media in partnership with After a historically bad 2020, the Cowboy's defensive unit will be looking for improvement. And that's the focus. So much so that...
May 28, 2021

Daily Blitz - 5/28/21 - Cowboys News & Notes Rapid Fire with Colby Sapp

Welcome to the “Daily Blitz” by DSP Media in partnership with There have been several changes within the Dallas Cowboys organization over the past couple of weeks. From the club hiring an old frie…
May 25, 2021

Daily Blitz - 5/25/21 - Cowboys OTAs: What To Watch For

On Monday, two weeks of Cowboys organized team activities began and are open to the media for the first time on Tuesday. With media access comes video coverage, reports of player performance, and analysis of each side of the…