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Stress Relief and Mastery, Personal Growth, and Leadership - Unlocking the Delicious Journey to Success
November 10, 2023

Stress Relief and Mastery, Personal Growth, and Leadership - Unlocking the Delicious Journey to Success

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The Stay On Course Podcast - Ingredients for Success with Julie Riga

Unlocking the Delicious Journey to Success: 2-Minute Stress Relief, Personal Growth, and Leadership with Sara Nakamura

In this riveting podcast episode, Julie Riga, a certified coach and industry expert with over 20 years of experience in Pharma, engages in a captivating conversation with Sara Nakamura, a seasoned stress relief guide and author of "Stressed Out & Don't Know What to Do?" Together, they unlock the delicious journey to success, blending Julie's expertise in leadership, personal growth, and business acumen with Sara's transformative "I CARE" approach to stress management. Sara's 2-minute stress relief techniques, rooted in her extensive corporate and wellness backgrounds, align seamlessly with Julie's mission to help individuals Stay On Course and leave a lasting legacy. Dive into this episode filled with practical tips, personal anecdotes, and the perfect blend of Italian flavor, Hollywood glamour, and business wisdom. Discover the secrets to success, motivation, and life balance, as Julie and Sara serve up a scrumptious feast of insights for the mind and soul. Don't miss this extraordinary convergence of expertise, where the queen of personal growth meets the stress relief maestro in a podcast that's not just a journey—it's a delicious exploration of unlocking potential and building an abundant life. Tune in and savor the flavors of success, leadership, and holistic well-being.

Sara Nakamura is a seasoned expert, renowned for her guidance in helping individuals seamlessly manage the hurdles of stress in both their personal and professional lives. Dive into her acclaimed book, "Stressed Out & Don't Know What to Do?" – a cherished resource for heart-centered leaders and individuals grappling with the trials of stress and burnout across a diverse spectrum of life's facets. The book unfolds a treasury of practical, 2-minute stress relief techniques, deeply rooted in Sara's extensive expertise, seamlessly weaving her corporate and wellness backgrounds.

Sara Nakamura's "Ingredients for Success" in tackling stress, artfully sketched through the "I CARE" acronym, furnishes individuals with a systematic approach to master stress effectively:

•  I - Go Inside: This initial step fosters introspection, encouraging individuals to contemplate personal experiences and engage in self-awareness and self-reflection.

•  Contain It: Identifying and constraining the specific problem or stressor at hand stands pivotal. It demands a keen recognition and swift address of the root cause.

•  Awareness: Delve beneath the surface, striving to fathom what lies beneath. This phase often involves exploring deeper emotions and triggers.

•  Realign Values: Acknowledging the paramount significance of values and priorities and ensuring that one's decisions align harmoniously with these core principles.

•  Energize Your Decision: The final step underscores the necessity of making decisions infused with rejuvenated energy and crystal-clear clarity after conscientiously addressing the preceding four phases.

For an opportunity to further connect with Sara Nakamura and immerse yourself in her transformative work, don't hesitate to visit:


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Sara is steadfast in her commitment to aiding individuals in crafting lives free from stress and imbued with balance. She's ever-ready to serve as your guiding light on the journey to success and holistic well-being.

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