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Fun interviews!
Julie‘s podcast style is fun and energetic. She also has a way of interviewing that brings out the best in people, even in live on-the-go recordings. Thank you Julie for bringing it with great content that’s engaging and informative!

Failure brings freedom…
Julie, your radio/voice over voice sounds awesome, better than ever! Bravo! ❤️ my talented friend

Great stuff Julie!
Entertaining and thought provoking!

Great episode!
This was very interesting to listen to. Makes you really think about why we have our secrets and where they stem from!

Julie inspires and teaches in each episode. Be sure to take a listen as she helps us all to Stay on Course!
Great energy and insight it is so refreshing to hear insights from thought leaders on so many great topics. Time well spent!

What an entertaining series!
Listening to Julie is a joy! She’s inspiring, funny, intelligent and a talented speaker. Give yourself a gift and listen to Mama Jules!

All episodes
This is now my new favorite podcast. I will definitely be listening everyday. Consistency is key like Julie says. If you don’t change anything nothing changes. I’m going to start by changing up my routine and making this a part of it. I look forward to hearing what’s next!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Julie Riga-Shining Light
Julie’s approach in this podcast is remarkable. This is not your average day podcast. She’s a coach, a best-selling author, and just seems to serve others and provides a depth of knowledge for all along with her guests. Highly recommend this to everyone!

Recipes for a successful life
Julie taps into the wisdom of many to equip her listeners with recipes for a life of success and fulfillment. She asks each of her guests for their success ingredients - easy take aways for listeners to remember and apply immediately.

Laura Cobb
Exceptional comments. Engaging.

Amazing content
15 min of sheer good content. The discussions are meaningful and outcome driven. Great show.

Authentic and Wise
This podcast is Authentic and Wise! Julie is brilliant as she leans into what success is too many different experts. Each episode brings energy and light to your day so make sure you listen in as she shares her light.
This podcast deserves a listen. If you're interested in learning from a legacy of leadership and purpose, and from a caring host -- then this podcast is for you.

A girl, her love for her father, and great tips for success
It's so endearing when we find a show that is so focused on purpose and passion. The trailer episode alone had me near tears, relating to one girl's love for her father, the lessons she learned from him, and the purpose with which she's leading her life. Julie Riga has a soothing voice, has a great perspective, and shows in her trailer, and her first episode that she truly cares about the audience, and the quality of her content. I will definitely listen to future shows.

Lovin it, Excited for more!
Her voice is like butter!! I look forward to following this podcast as it grows with each new episode.

This is how we Stay On Course
Fantastic host, riveting information and great stories. Julie Riga is keeping me on course! Must listen.

FANTASTIC! I can't wait for more.
Julie Riga is such an incredible communicator. I love her voice, her mission, and that she is bringing the story of her father into the mainframe. Awesome!

What I need RIGHT NOW-Let's COOK IT
Julie brings charm and smarts and real-world advice on how to find my purpose as an entrepreneur, wife, and mom. THANK YOU