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Navigating your Network in the Digital Universe and Taking Your Career to the Next Level with Steve Spiro
January 02, 2024

Navigating your Network in the Digital Universe and Taking Your Career to the Next Level with Steve Spiro

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The Stay On Course Podcast - Ingredients for Success with Julie Riga

Navigating your Network in the Digital Universe and Taking Your Career to the Next Level with Steve Spiro

In this captivating episode of Stay on Course, hosted by the incredible Julie Riga, we are delighted to welcome Steve Spiro, a master connector and business automation consultant with an astonishing 41,000+ LinkedIn contacts. As Steve shares his journey from advertising to technology, the narrative unfolds with emphasis on grit, the go-giver mindset, and the profound impact of his LinkedIn Live broadcast, the Master Connector Show. The episode delves into the transformative power of Steve's authored masterpiece, "The TAO of a Master Connector," where an introvert turns weaknesses into superpowers, building a vast network across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The exploration of the four pillars of masterful connection, featuring overcoming obstacles, adopting an others-focused mindset, authentic connection, and building a thriving community, serves as a beacon for those navigating the digital landscape. #MasterConnector #DigitalEvolution #PodcastWisdom #TrueConnections

Welcome, wonderful listeners, to another exciting episode of Stay on Course - Ingredients for Success! I'm your host, Julie Riga, and today, we have an incredible guest, Steve Spiro, a true master connector and business automation consultant.

🔗 LinkedIn Success and Master Connections

Steve Spiro, with his 41,000+ contacts, takes LinkedIn networking to a whole new level. From advertising to technology, Steve's journey is filled with grit, discipline, and the mindset of a true go-giver. Check out his LinkedIn Live broadcast, the Master Connector Show, where he shares his insights every week.

📘 The TAO of a Master Connector

Steve recently authored a book, "The TAO of a Master Connector." In this episode, we dive into the "way" an introvert like Steve became a master connector. His book is a treasure trove of stories and parables, showcasing how he turned weaknesses into superpowers, overcame obstacles, and built a massive network.

🌟 Four Pillars of a Master Connector

Discover the secrets behind Steve's success:

                   Grit to Overcome Obstacles: Learn how to tackle challenges head-on and cultivate the grit needed for success.

                   Be Others Focused: Embrace the go-giver mindset, leading with a heart posture that focuses on others. Steve shares the "secret of the corn" in this episode!

                   Connecting Authentically: Explore the art of authentic connection, a crucial ingredient for building lasting relationships.

                   Building Community and Growing Connections: Steve emphasizes the importance of community in the networking world. He shares his strategies for adding value and helping people grow.

🎧 Tune in for Inspiration and Insights!

Join us as we uncover the secrets to creating true connections in the business world. Steve's journey from a shy, introverted kid in New York to a master connector is both inspiring and instructive.

🌐 Connect with Steve Spiro:

•  LinkedIn: Steve Spiro

•  Website: Steve Spiro

•  Speaker Website: Spiro Global

•  Show Website: Master Connector Show

•  Twitter: Steve Spiro on Twitter

•  Instagram: Steve Spiro on Instagram

•  YouTube: Master Connector Show on YouTube

📽️ Watch Steve Spiro's Highlight Reel: Here

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Julie Riga is a certified coach, trainer, speaker and author with over 20 years of experience in the Pharma Industry. Julie’s education is vast with studies that include business, communications, training and executive coaching.

Julie started on this journey because she had a strong desire to pass on the knowledge and skills passed on to her by her father, Ennio Riga, and inspirational man who taught her how to keep going irrespective of the challenges that life may present. Contact Julie: https://www.stayoncourse.io/