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Risk Management the Foundation for Success, Learn the Steps
October 22, 2023

Risk Management the Foundation for Success, Learn the Steps

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The Stay On Course Podcast - Ingredients for Success with Julie Riga

In our upcoming episode featuring Ron Weathermon, a seasoned pharmaceutical professional, we delve into the fascinating world of managing change in everyday life and draw parallels between risk management in clinical trials and the art of baking a cake. Join us to discover the Ingredients for Success in navigating life's transitions and gain insights into the five crucial questions you should be asking when managing risk—offering you practical wisdom that transcends various aspects of your daily experiences.

Unlock the secrets of effective risk management with Ron, who brings over twenty-five years of expertise in medical writing, clinical research, and more. His unique perspective, grounded in experiences from both Montana and Basel, Switzerland, provides a captivating blend of insights. So, whether you're a risk enthusiast or simply intrigued by the dynamics of change, this episode promises an engaging exploration that invites you to not only listen but to deeply reflect on the valuable takeaways for your own journey.

Tune in for an enriching conversation that goes beyond the surface, weaving together stories of risk, success, and the beauty of Swiss trails—a compelling narrative that resonates with anyone seeking profound insights into managing life's uncertainties.

Check out this next episode with Ron Weathermon. Where we talk about Ingredients for Success in Managing change in everyday life. We will also see through the lens of how we manage risk in Clinical Trials as well as baking a cake. How fun!

We talk about 5 questions you should be asking when you are managing risk.

What is the activity?

What are the risks associated with the activity?

What controls are in place to manage the risk?

How do we monitor the controls?

What are the feedback mechanisms?

Ron is a pharmaceutical professional with over twenty-five years of experience across the fields of medical writing, clinical research, field medical, internal audit and, most recently, medical governance. His expertise is in Risk Management and helping teams create positive business solutions through effective risk awareness. Ron is originally from Montana and has spent the last thirteen years living in Basel Switzerland. In addition to cooking, his passion is hiking on the beautiful trail systems that criss-cross the Swiss country-side.

You can learn more about Ron on Linked In.


To learn more about Julie Riga and her mission to Stay On Course, visit her website: stayoncourse.io

Julie Riga is a certified coach, trainer, speaker and author with over 20 years of experience in the Pharma Industry. Julie’s education is vast with studies that include business, communications, training and executive coaching.

Julie started on this journey because she had a strong desire to pass on the knowledge and skills passed on to her by her father, Ennio Riga, and inspirational man who taught her how to keep going irrespective of the challenges that life may present you with.

Based in New Jersey, Julie have travelled the world supporting corporations, business leaders and individuals on their journey of empowerment and growth.