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Leading in the Hybrid Workplace with Gustavo Razzetti

August 11, 2022

Leading in the Hybrid Workplace with Gustavo Razzetti
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Leading in the Hybrid Workplace

We are redefining the workplace as we know it. We are resetting the culture and many leaders are looking for a new way. Listen in to hear one of the world’s leading workplace culture thinkers, Gustavo’s forward-thinking ideas, tools, and books are helping leaders and teams do the best work of their lives. This episode is so insightful.


·     Trust: Without trust people cannot work and Leaders need to take the first step.

·     Freedom and Flexibility: Employees should be able to choose when and how they want to work

·     Discipline: Have set collaboration time when people can work together

·     Experiment: Every team is different so test and experiment what works best for your team


Gustavo Razzetti is the CEO & Founder of Fearless Culture. Gustavo is passionate about helping teams do the best work of their lives. He is a

sought-after speaker, culture consultant, and author of three books.


After 25 years of helping organizations build purpose-driven brands and teams, Gustavo realized that most companies don’t lack ideas, resources, or talent but a conducive culture.


He created Fearless Culture to help organizations become purpose-driven, agile, and innovative. Razzetti, is also the creator of the Culture Design Canvas, a culture mapping tool used by consultants, coaches, and organizations worldwide.


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Fearless Culture company website

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