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Unlocking Global Understanding and Success through Effective Communication Journey
September 25, 2023
Unlocking Global Understanding and Success through Effective Communication Journey
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The Stay On Course Podcast - Ingredients for Success with Julie Riga

In this captivating conversation, Heather Hansen, Founder of Global Speech Academy, shares her expert insights on enhancing global understanding through effective communication. Discover the transformative power of listening to unlock diverse perspectives and foster a culture of inclusion and innovation. Heather guides top global leaders on removing communication roadblocks, contributing to business success, entrepreneurial legacy, and enhanced collaboration in multinational companies. Join us for practical insights on unmuted communication, inspiring action in our ever-changing world. Whether you're a food enthusiast on a scrumptious journey, an Italian cuisine aficionado, a king or queen in your field, or a rising star exploring your true personality, Heather's teachings encompass leadership, personal growth, and purpose. Her podcast for the soul motivates individuals to believe in themselves, embracing a holistic approach to success, and leading with purpose. Learn the secret ingredients to becoming an exceptional chef in leadership. Heather is a knowledge seeker, emphasizing faith in the persona's unlimited potential, much like a liberating course in the art of effective communication, inspired by the legendary Sinatra.

This next episode I interview Heather Hansen, Founder of Global Speech Academy where she helps top global leaders show up, speak up, and inspire action in a changing world. She is also the author of UNMUTED, The must read guide to enhancing your communication.

Global Understanding

1.    Stop and Listen: How can we listen so people want to speak? Listen to understand and removing your roadblocks to listening is a key to unlock global understanding.

2.    Speaking to be Understood: Speak in a way that others can understand you. Slow down your speech so people can understand you. Listen in to correct your vocal fry.

3.    Inclusive Communication: Are you inviting everyone to speak up at the table?

Heather helps multinational companies enhance collaboration, innovation and inclusion across their global teams through greater understanding and stronger, more efficient communication policies. She focuses on fostering unmuted communication cultures where every voice is heard, resulting in greater inclusion, innovation and efficiency across remote and global teams.

 Along with private leadership communication coaching, Heather facilitates group training courses and consults on a number of topics related to global communication. Heather is also an External Industry Expert for NUS Business School’s Executive Education programs where she runs modules on communication, presentation, and storytelling skills.

Learn More about Heather Hansen:

Website: https://heatherhansen.com/unmuted/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hansenheather/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/heatherhansen

Twitter: https://twitter.com/heatherhansen

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To learn more about Julie Riga and her mission to Stay On Course, visit her website: www.julieriga.com

Julie Riga is a certified coach, trainer, speaker and author with over 20 years of experience in the Pharma Industry. Julie’s education is vast with studies that include business, communications, training and executive coaching.

Julie started on this journey because she had a strong desire to pass on the knowledge and skills passed on to her by her father, Ennio Riga, and inspirational man who taught her how to keep going irrespective of the challenges that life may present you with.

Based in New Jersey, Julie have travelled the world supporting corporations, business leaders and individuals on their journey of empowerment and growth.