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Embarking on an Entelechy Leadership Journey: Nurturing Soul-Infused Business Growth and Fulfillment
October 29, 2023

Embarking on an Entelechy Leadership Journey: Nurturing Soul-Infused Business Growth and Fulfillment

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The Stay On Course Podcast - Ingredients for Success with Julie Riga

In this captivating conversation, Dr. Heather Shea uncovers the profound significance of Entelechy Leadership. She guides you on a transformative journey to manifest your true self, much like a regal King or Queen, and embrace your inner Star. The core of this exploration lies in understanding your unique Personality, which is the foundation for igniting your creative force and unlocking your leadership potential in the world of Business.

Dr. Heather Shea, through her enlightening Podcast, delves into the secrets of Success and the abundant potential that lies within each individual. Her insights are like a Hollywood story, motivating and inspiring you to live a more vibrant Life, as you become a driving force for personal and professional growth. As you listen, envision yourself stepping into a role as an entelechy leader, one who not only transforms into a more interesting and alive person but also motivates others to unlock their hidden potential. Much like a tiny acorn with the right environment, entelechy leadership nurtures growth, enabling you to become a towering force in your personal and professional Legacy. Embark on this empowering Quest of self-discovery with Dr. Heather Shea, who helps you believe in the unlimited possibilities within your Soul.

Listen in as Dr. Heather Shea talks about Entelechy Leadership.

 What is entelechy? Think of it as your energetic DNA, what excites you, drives you, and inspires you. It is what’s important to you in your life. Consult any dictionary and it says entelechy is to realize or make actual what was otherwise potential. Entelechy is a vital principle that guides the growth of living systems, which includes people, organizations, and cultures.


Why does entelechy matter? It is the full realization of your potential, which means:

·              manifesting your purpose and your passion

·              actualizing the landscape of your life

·              returning to your innate blueprint for perspective and guidance

·              rediscovering your core callings

·              activating your true potentiality in your relationships and your life’s work

·              embracing and expressing your creative force

Entelechy is you, energetically, living to your full potential: you are fun, excited, enthusiastic, expanding, adventurous.

Entelechy leadership involves co-creating the location, place, or landscape in which you and others thrive. Since entelechy makes you a more interesting, alive person: Other people want to follow you, be around you, work with you, because you activate their potential.

Think of the tiny acorn: given the right environment, it instinctively knows how to become a towering oak tree. Not given the right amount of water, nutritious soil, or enough sunlight, it will not grow to its full potential. People are the same.

What does it take to be an entelechy leader?

Entelechy leaders must have purpose, passion, and potential


  • Purpose: Do who you are
  • Passion: Rise and Thrive
  • Potential: Back to Your Future

Dr. Heather Shea is a Leadership Coach for women executives, entrepreneurs, and evolutionary leaders. Heather connects people to their inner wisdom and uncovers blocks that prevent them from stepping into their highest, authentic self for greater impact in their lives, organizations, and the world. As a leadership visionary, speaker, author, and everyday mystic, Heather has held senior leadership roles in global organizations and worked throughout six continents, with Fortune 100 CEOs and their teams, world leaders and household names in business, politics,

and entertainment.


Contact Dr. Heather Shea: https://www.everydayknowings.com/


To learn more about Julie Riga and her mission to Stay On Course, visit her website: www.julieriga.com

Julie Riga is a certified coach, trainer, speaker and author with over 20 years of experience in the Pharma Industry. Julie’s education is vast with studies that include business, communications, training and executive co