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Unlocking Success: The Entrepreneur's Quest to Reclaim Time, Journey to Fulfillment, and Build a Legacy
October 22, 2023

Unlocking Success: The Entrepreneur's Quest to Reclaim Time, Journey to Fulfillment, and Build a Legacy

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Are you tired of the hustle and grind, working long hours with little to show for it? Discover the secrets of Dan Martell, a visionary CEO and entrepreneur, who's not just about building billion-dollar companies like Udemy and Hootsuite but also about reclaiming time for a life well-lived. In his latest book, "BUY BACK YOUR TIME," Martell shares profound insights on how to scale your business rapidly while avoiding burnout, trading money for the most precious commoditytime. Imagine unlocking the formula to build your empire while living your best life—Martell's journey from burnout to success is a lesson in itself, and this book is your guide to making the mindset shifts needed for lasting fulfillment and legacy building.

Dan Martell is a CEO you need to know! Dan leads unicorn billion-dollar companies like Udemy and Hootsuite to build and strengthen their businesses. About Dan's books:

Build a Business Empire While Living Your Best Life? It’s possible.

BUY BACK YOUR TIME teaches readers how to conquer the biggest hurdle to scaling a company and growing rich: Time

In his new book BUY BACK YOUR TIME: Get unstuck, reclaim your freedom and build your empire, Dan Martell, one of the world’s most sought-after business coaches, shows readers how to scale their business, fast, while avoiding burnout. Trading money for time—that is, literally buying back free space in their calendar—will bring them more success than they ever thought possible, while simultaneously reducing stress and maximizing happiness.

He wrote this book after successfully scaling and exiting three startups, building two 8-figure businesses, completing several ironmans, traveling the world, and gaining valuable time back in his calendar. But it didn’t come without colossal failures.

"Having coached thousands of entrepreneurs from across the world, I noticed something profound: most founders work unnecessarily long hours. They were taught to believe that more time working = more money in the bank," explains Martell. "I've been there myself while struggling to build several businesses and learned the hard way -- I lost touch with myself, my loved ones, and a failed engagement, all for the sake of getting ahead.” 

But ‘getting ahead’ is the biggest fallacy. The idea that the more you work, the more you can achieve makes some sense, but when working takes over every aspect of your life and you start to hate your company, that’s when it becomes a dangerous obsession. Martell hit rock bottom in these moments, coming home after another long day of work to find his fiancé standing at the front door, bags packed, ring in hand—leaving him because he was more engaged with his work than her. 

In the formative years that followed, Martell stumbled upon his key to happiness: Time with his family and doing the things he loves, all while successfully growing his businesses. The secret?


Making the mindset shifts and creating systems necessary to engage in high-value work that brings energy and fulfillment. 

In BUY BACK YOUR TIME, you will learn:

  • How to calculate your Buyback Rate so you can start buying back time immediately
  • Why playbooks need to be the foundation of your business, and how to create them
  • When to employ time hacks, such as the “Definition of Done” and the “$50 Magic Pill,” to help your team work more efficiently, prevent bottlenecks, and guard your energy
  • The secret