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About SoloMoms! Talk Podcast

Looking for guidance, inspiration, and community on your solo mom journey? Whether you're a divorced, single, married, or widowed mom, search no further. Divorced mom and host J. Rosemarie Francis brings you SoloMoms! Talk Podcast, the go-to resource for solo moms globally looking for actionable tips, personal stories, and expert advice.

Why Tune into the SoloMoms! Talk Podcast?
Designed to bring awareness to the unique challenges and rewards of moms raising children alone, this podcast offers valuable insights into parenting, co-parenting, and achieving a fulfilling life. With expert interviews and relatable stories, our show empowers solo moms to excel in their roles as parents, co-parents, and life partners.

What Can You Expect?
- Learn effective parenting and co-parenting strategies to ensure your child's well-being.
- Get wellness tips specifically tailored for solo moms juggling multiple roles.
- Discover how to prepare your mindset for healthy relationships and a purposeful life.
- Listen to the personal journeys of other solo moms, uplifting your spirit and letting you know you're not alone.

Strategies to empower self-love, self-awareness, and creating convenient self-care rituals.

Our Mission at SoloMoms! Talk Podcast:
- Raise awareness about the challenges and triumphs of solo moms globally.
- Highlight the significant, positive impact solo moms make on their families and communities.
- Promote educational resources aimed at reducing the number of solo moms through knowledge-sharing, networking, and self-education.
- Help solo moms embrace their worth and see themselves as God sees them – worthy!

Call To Action:
Be part of a community that understands what it’s like to parent with one hand tied behind your back. You don't have to parent in silence; we're here to provide the support and knowledge you've been searching for.

Listen and follow now for tips on how to empower your solo mom journey today.

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About the Host

J. Rosemarie Profile Photo

J. Rosemarie

Podcast Producer

J. Rosemarie is a divorced mom of 3 adult sons.

She’s the creator of two podcasts: SoloMoms! Talk and Tools of the Podcast Trade. She began her broadcasting journey in 2014 when she started an online radio station to encourage single moms.

J. Rosemarie enjoys mentoring solo moms as well as new podcasters. Because she always wants to help others find the answers to their questions.

She considers herself a mindset maven who believes mindset is everything. And things only happen when we have the courage to believe.

J. Rosemarie loves to travel solo, reads extensively, and journals consistently.