March 27, 2023

Technology with a Twist

In this new episode of, hosts Matt Perez and Jose Leal chat with Nikole Bélanger, CEO and Founder of Green School Green Future, who not only advocates for technology as a tool to solve many of today's...

Technology has become a vital tool to solve many of today's challenges, from climate change to healthcare. However, as Nikole Bélanger, CEO of Green Schools Green Future, points out, we cannot forget that we are an integral part of nature and our interdependence with it is absolute. While technology can provide innovative solutions, it must also prioritize sustainability and environmental protection. By recognizing our interconnectedness with nature and using technology in a responsible and eco-friendly way, we can address current and future challenges while preserving the planet for future generations.

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Nikole Bélanger


Originally from Montréal, Québec, Nikole Bélanger has over 30 years as a conscious entrepreneur with experience managing businesses in multiple disciplines. Since 2008, she has been a part of an initiative led by Al Gore: The Climate Reality Project – Canada. She’s successfully implemented innovative concepts in the fashion industry, power transmission and distribution, and telecommunications. Nikole has also worked extensively on developing not-for-profit organizations. An idealist with a global vision and an eye for detail, Nikole continuously brings together people and projects. She is a passionate environmentalist, who works at developing awareness and action on environmental sustainability and climate change concerns. Her knowledge of environmental technology and her strong networking abilities are key assets to providing solutions toward a green economy and reducing collective carbon emissions by supporting green energy developments & came Green Schools Green Future came.