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July 18, 2024

Beyond Metrics: Building Organizations That Matter

This Radical World conversation between Jose Leal, Josh Allan Dykstra and Kali Love, swirled around how the radical notion of Human Energy™ gives us a perfect starting point for revolutionizing the way we work. Tune in and …
July 12, 2024

Thinking Cooperative and Collaborative

In this new episode of The Radical World podcast, Matt Perez and Jose Leal sat down to discuss how the cooperative movement is primed to lead the next wave of change in how we work. in this episode, Matt and Jose will expl…
July 11, 2024

The Third Way | Radical Conversations

Join Matt Perez as he engages in a conversation with Rodney Evans, Steward of The Ready, a future-of-work consultancy committed to transform chaos and bureaucracy into a third alternative: adaptive work. The conversation ai…
May 27, 2024

People is always the most important | Radical Pioneers Episode 6

Join us as we debunk the misconception that prioritizing processes over people is effective. Instead, we make conversation on how to grow a sense of importance and contribution for collective success 🌎 Always putting people …
May 16, 2024

Bert Painter: Shaping the Future of Work | Radical Conversations

Bert Painter, a Consulting Social Scientist and President of Modern Times Productions since 1982. With over 42 years of leadership and creative production experience, Bert's insights promise to spark thought-provoking discus…
May 9, 2024

Breaking Free from FIAT: Embracing the Radical Lens | Radical Pioneers Episode 5

Discover how the system shapes us and explore alternative perspectives in Radical Pioneers Episode 5. 🔄✨ Dive into the conversation where we uncover that it's not individuals, but the system that leaves us feeling 'messed u…

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The Potential of Agile Transformation

Welcome to an exploration of the impact of Agile transformation on the professional landscape, as seen by Rohit Bagul, from the India-based Casepoint, a legal discovery platform for litigation, investigations, and compliance. Rohit is convince…

Jenifer Johnson: Crafting a Narrative

We had talked with Jenifer Johnson before, but now we got to talk with her in the podcast. It was mind-blowing, a term I don’t use often. People Are Narratives People understand stories, we are particularly attuned to them. Fo…

Fernanda Guerra: Conscious Contracts

Fernanda Guerra is one of those people that recognize a good thing when they see it. She saw the good in Kim Wright’s Conscious Contracts© and went for it. Fernanda is a lawyer but she knew that the rule of law wasn’t doing the job…

About the Hosts

Jose Leal Profile Photo

Jose Leal


I started several businesses while I was in my late teens and rode the Internet wave, reaching that entrepreneurial dream—the successful exit.

I’ve spent the last several years researching and studying what makes us human and what prompts us to certain actions and choices. Our vision is a future where the traditional FIAT hierarchy no longer grinds people into submission but rather the new realities of co-management and co-ownership give people and organizations the opportunity to flourish.

Matt Perez Profile Photo

Matt Perez


Matt Perez has spent 40+ years in technology. His work life has been bookended by Sun Microsystems at one end and Nearsoft at the other. The experiences he's had along the way, good and bad, underpin the alternative to Fiat concept.

Over time Matt got off the treadmill and by the time Roberto Martinez and him started Nearsoft in 2007 he was a very different person.