Radical.World is a live video podcast where we meet and talk with people who have realized that we can't continue on the path we are on and are taking action to create a sustainable future for everyone.

During these live interviews, leaders and experts from a wide myriad of backgrounds and spaces will explore the radical way to conduct business, to elicit change and to question the corporate status quo.

The show was created by Matt Perez and Jose Leal, co-authors of the book Radical Companies - Without Bosses or Employees.

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Feb. 22, 2024

A Radical Conversation with...

..., Christian Wandeler, Associate Professor at California State University, Fresno, and a leading consultant for organizations that want to work in a more people-focused way. During the conversation,  Matt and Christian ex…
Feb. 8, 2024

A Radical Conversation With...

...Luis Salas, Founder of Polymath, a company that has embarked on a mission to guide organizations through their Organizational Change and prepare them for the future. Mark your calendars and join hosts Matt Perez and Jose…
Jan. 8, 2024

Disrupting Organizational Hierarchy

In a time marked by business challenges, how can we create conscious, exponential organizations that contribute positively to humanity? Listen to the insightful conversation with , founder of . Hosted by  and , this discuss…
Dec. 22, 2023

H-Factor: Humanizing Organizations

On Monday, December 18th, hosts and conversed with guest , software developer, and contributor, to examine organizations' actions to incorporate more humanity into their work, fostering a purposeful, meaningful, and radic…
Dec. 22, 2023

A Fresh Lens on People in Organizations

Creating novel connections between individuals and organizations demands a shift from our traditional ways of perceiving one another. Is it possible to cultivate entirely fresh styles of relationships? , an Organizational Co…
Nov. 30, 2023

Supporting Human Adaptability

Are we actively repressing the human ability to adapt? Discover the answer to this question during the conversation that hosts Matt Perez and Jose Leal had with facilitator, speaker, and author Dawna Jones on rHatchery. List…

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The Potential of Agile Transformation

Welcome to an exploration of the impact of Agile transformation on the professional landscape, as seen by Rohit Bagul, from the India-based Casepoint, a legal discovery platform for litigation, investigations, and compliance. Rohit is convince…

Jenifer Johnson: Crafting a Narrative

We had talked with Jenifer Johnson before, but now we got to talk with her in the rHatchery.live podcast. It was mind-blowing, a term I don’t use often. People Are Narratives People understand stories, we are particularly attuned to them. Fo…

Fernanda Guerra: Conscious Contracts

Fernanda Guerra is one of those people that recognize a good thing when they see it. She saw the good in Kim Wright’s Conscious Contracts© and went for it. Fernanda is a lawyer but she knew that the rule of law wasn’t doing the job…

About the Hosts

Jose LealProfile Photo

Jose Leal


I started several businesses while I was in my late teens and rode the Internet wave, reaching that entrepreneurial dream—the successful exit.

I’ve spent the last several years researching and studying what makes us human and what prompts us to certain actions and choices. Our vision is a future where the traditional FIAT hierarchy no longer grinds people into submission but rather the new realities of co-management and co-ownership give people and organizations the opportunity to flourish.

Matt PerezProfile Photo

Matt Perez


Matt Perez has spent 40+ years in technology. His work life has been bookended by Sun Microsystems at one end and Nearsoft at the other. The experiences he's had along the way, good and bad, underpin the alternative to Fiat concept.

Over time Matt got off the treadmill and by the time Roberto Martinez and him started Nearsoft in 2007 he was a very different person.