June 18, 2023

Fernanda Guerra: Conscious Contracts

Fernanda Guerra: Conscious Contracts

Fernanda Guerra is one of those people that recognize a good thing when they see it. She saw the good in Kim Wright’s Conscious Contracts© and went for it.

Fernanda is a lawyer but she knew that the rule of law wasn’t doing the job. They were good for building walls, but not so for building bridges among people. The way she described it, people come first and the rule of law is there to support the relationship.

Recognizing the Limitations of the Legal System

Fernanda Guerra, a lawyer driven by a passion for human connection, embraced Kim Wright's revolutionary concept of Conscious Contracts©. She saw beyond the confines of the legal system, acknowledging its role as a framework rather than the sole driver of human relationships. Fernanda believed that prioritizing people and integrating empathy and understanding into legal agreements was crucial for fostering harmonious connections between individuals.

The Transformative Power of Conscious Contracts©

During an engaging conversation with Fernanda, her ability to perceive hidden potential became evident. While conventional views saw contracts as instruments of compliance, Fernanda envisioned them as vehicles for nurturing collaboration, empathy, and understanding. Conscious Contracts©, she believed, had the power to transform not only legal matters but various aspects of life, infusing contracts with adaptability, evolution, and the ability to support relationships.

Creating a World of Empathy and Collaboration

Fernanda shared inspiring examples of Conscious Contracts© yielding remarkable outcomes. Couples on the verge of divorce rediscovered understanding and collaboration through conscious contract negotiation. In the realm of business, partnerships founded on trust and ethical practices emerged. Fernanda also emphasized the potential for Conscious Contracts© to reshape societal structures, urging governments and organizations to prioritize human flourishing by fostering empathy, collaboration, and holistic well-being through legal frameworks.