Jan. 8, 2022

MT. ROCKMORE | Season 1 | BONUSCAST: "Nail The Screamer"

Back in the old Sirius Satellite Radio days — on Maxim Radio — THE BOWER SHOW hosted a Cinco De Mayo party with the VH1 band “Supergroup”

On this MT. ROCKMORE BONUS-POD: Bower and his crew welcome SKID ROW’S SEBASTIAN BACH, SCOTTY IAN from ANTHRAX and JASON BONHAM to the Manhattan studios to celebrate Bower’s favorite holiday and play a brand-new game called: “Nail The Screamer”.

Feel free to play along at home as the three SUPERGROUP stars battle it our trying to name a well-known rock vocalist “Screamer” in 2-seconds worth of music. Who DOMINATES the game? Who leaves a lot to be desired?

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