Rant and Rave

Rant and Rave, Episode #163, Oct. 21, 2022: Bannon Guilty, UK Falls to Globalists, US Crime Wave


Steve Bannon convicted of a misdemeanor "contempt of phony Congress" , may do 2-4 months in jail, for defying J6 unselect committee subpoena. Prediction: that experience will become a book/movie. Between that and the phony CDC forced COVID jabs for kids over 6 months to attend public school, we could not have gotten 2 bigger gifts ahead of the election. Also, UK digs its grave re: energy, Liz Truss forced to resign after 6 weeks on the job (predicted by Steve Bannon last week) Unless the UK installs a Thatcher style conservative government it will become "Germany light", dependent on foreign sources of energy and beholden to the Davos Globalists for all.