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Christians Must Learn To Hate Evil Again

APRIL 1, 2023 As Christians we are called to stand firm in our faith even in the midst of turmoil and chaos of the world around us. Recent news of the horrific massacre of six Christians including three young children in Nashville, the news o…

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The compelling need for modern ‘Church Commission’ to review US Intelligence Community

Often forgotten in the current debate on the size, shape, form, and existence of the “Deep State” were the seminal events in the 1970s usually referred to as the “Church Commission.” In 1975, Sen. Frank Church (D-Ida…

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Jimmy Carter Center working with #CCP , #billgates , #soros to deploy pole watchers in swing states in USA mid term elections

  The Carter Center will deploy “nonpartisan election observers” in Fulton County, Georgia for the upcoming midterms The group is also combatting election “misinformation” in states including Arizona, insisting…

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The Energy and Security of Nations: We Need Full Spectrum Energy Dominance

Energy blindness is leading to policy blunder.     I. Energy consumption in the West is faltering Since about 2005, and in almost every Western economy, something historically unprecedented and extremely alarming has been hap…

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It's All About Fear, Power and Control: Do Not Comply

If you haven't figured it out after the last 2 years, let me simplify it for you.....the radical Marxist Far Left illegitimate Biden regime is all about weaponizing the 3 letter agencies the Executive Branch controls to seize control of you and your…

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