June 14, 2023

Alternative Lifestyles Replacing Blacks to Advance Far Left Political Strategy

Alternative Lifestyles Replacing Blacks to Advance Far Left Political Strategy

On June 9, 2023, the current illegitimate occupiers of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, hung the "Pride Flag" at the same level and in the middle, between, the 2 United States flags, a violation of both Federal law and tradition that says no flag shall fly higher or more pronounced (ie in the center) than the US flag. 

This was no accident, it was on target and intentional. It was done to send a clear message. And their partners in the main stream media ate it up. 

Our thesis......The Radical Left has come to the conclusion that the Black minority community has essentially run its course of usefulness, from Affirmative Action to BLM and is now being discarded for the LGBTQIA+ crew. This crew has proven themselves willing to die for their ideology, willing to pass it on to kids via Drag Shows and the like. And, willing to resort to violence via partners at ANTIFA. Moreover, it provides air cover for the pedophilia network that implicates so many of those powerful people in Epstein's Black Book (which the FBI has, but will not make public) 

Blacks represent about 12% of the US population. They vote for Democrats about 90% of the time (was significantly eroded by Trump in both 2016 and 2020), despite being screwed by them for decades (from Democrats being the founders of the KKK, to segregation, and more) 

LGBTQIA+ represents <0.001 % of the population. But the Radical Pedo Left would like it to be more, and with the sympathy vote from suburban lefties, they will get there. So what to do? Try to normalize abnormal behavior, promote it (CNN, Tik Tok), endorse it (Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light, Disney, Netflix, etc) and sell it (ads) on Facebook, You Tube etc.. to young kids. 

Why? Just like with Blacks and other minority groups: their strategy is to divide and pit one against the other, fomenting chaos, off which they profit (remember BLM/Fentanyl Floyd, 2020 "summer of love", $200 billion in damage and dozens dead) and COVID, and a 2 year state of Emergency when the government owned you?) The net result: you are just an angry racist misogynist white person trying to raise your family and YOU are the problem. 

So Pride gets a month, and Memorial Day gets a day....think about it.