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🎶 Buddy Holly's Melodies: Delve into Buddy Holly's timeless tunes, from the classic "Everyday" (B-side of "Peggy Sue") to the chart-topping "Peggy Sue" itself. 🎸

🎸 Twangy Guitars with Duane Eddy: Discover the twangy world of Duane Eddy and his instrumental hit "Because They're Young," a nostalgic piece from the '60s. 🎶

🌟 Mamas and Papas' Harmonies: Explore the Mamas and Papas' enchanting harmonies in hits like "Trip, Stumble & Fall" and "I Saw Her Again." 🎤

🌟 The Beatles' "Eight Days A Week": Uncover the journey of The Beatles' song "Eight Days A Week," its origins, studio sessions, and chart success. 🎶

📅 March 8, 1961: Step back to March 8, 1961, and reminisce about the top songs in the UK, historical events, and popular movies like "Operation Eichmann" and "To Kill a Mockingbird." 📺 

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