David Wilson shines a light on how people have changed up their lives and what was involved in getting themselves On Another Track!

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Dec. 12, 2022

Dominic Frisby - The funny man of finance who will make you smarter and richer!

I first discovered Dominic on the Virgin Podcast series way back in 2015. It was the only podcast I had on my favourites list for years! Dominic is the world’s only financial writer and comedian. He's a regular contributor…
Dec. 2, 2022

The Italian Beatle - Electric guitars for the stars!

Producer, musician, luthier and composer Galeazzo Frudua is credited as being one of the main specialists in The Beatles vocals. As a trained Luthier from the Stradivarius School in Cremona, Italy, he revolutionised the mak…
Sept. 27, 2022

A Rock Guitarist and a Soccer Player have changed the ‘smart app’ game!

How do you develop a smart app that can control 95% of the smart products that are currently on the market? The team at Smart Concepts think they’ve done it by keeping things simple, safe and easy to use. Listen as Christof …
Sept. 10, 2022

Michael Kryton - How did he help to make country music cool?

Michael is an enigma. Bespectacled in his beret and jaunty attire he hides a complex personality! He’s been a DJ, television/radio producer and appeared on stage with the best of them. He’s determined to continue to perform …
Aug. 8, 2022

Russell Thomas - Extraordinary human connections through inspiring paintings!

Have you ever heard the expression choose something light rather than something heavy? Russell says the bad stuff has served him the best over the years and he’s learnt to listen to the wind. In just over 8 years he’s become…
July 19, 2022

Sophie Ash - Do you ever feel you don’t belong?

At 25 Sophie discovered a sister she didn’t know about. Even more shocking, her Dad was not her Dad! With a low paid job, no prospects, no money and no house, Sophie is the epitome of entrepreneurship. In less than 4 years …